A Very Imperial Winter trilogy from Eight Degrees Brewing

Eight Degrees Brewing brings you a Very Imperial Winter.

Just landing in independent off licences and on draught this week!

We have three beers to tempt and warm you over the cooler season.

For the depths of winter, our Russian Imperial Stout returns. This year it’s darker and slightly sinister, containing even more dark crystal, black malt and roasted barley. Next up is a Christmas treat for those who have been good all year; the warming red glow of a Belgian Dubbel. Think Christmas pudding in a glass, this revered style balances toasted malt with hints of plum, fig and raisin.

The new light dawns with a double IPA using 100% Irish premium malt. The Double Irish lets us experiment with New World hops to brighten the depths of the Irish winter.



Russian Imperial Stout 9% ABV
Back by popular demand, this beer is all about the malt. Dark complex malts were added in such quantities that our mash tun was fit to burst. A long conditioning time produces a rounded and complex imperial stout, extremely dense, with a smooth mouthfeel. Up-front cocoa and dark chocolate aromas with rum and raisin notes – beautifully warming on chilly evenings.

Belgian Dubbel 7.2% ABV
Quite simply Christmas pudding in a glass, this is our take on the revered Belgian style. Exotic malts like Chateau Abbey, CaraBelge and Special W combine to produce hints of fig, plum and raisin, creating a warming, brandy-like sensation. The authentic Belgian Abbey yeast imparts a nutmeg and clove spiciness to complete this festive treat.

The Double Irish 9.0% ABV
It’s Christmas for hopheads too and this is our gift to them. Like its brother, The Full Irish, we only use 100% Irish premium ale malt. This elegant unadorned malt profile allows us to showcase all that’s great about New World hops. Expect a tropical fruit salad alongside pine hop flavours. Enjoy the extra bitterness that comes from a tax policy where only the mega rich benefit. Goes really well with a Dutch sandwich.

Check out an entertaining review of the three beers by 11pm Somewhere Podcast and 5 minutes of Finney:

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