Eight Degrees Brewing at #Hearsay17Last Saturday night, our beer was in church.

The Old Church in Kilfinane, Co Limerick, a central point for the Hearsay International Audio Festival, to be precise. It was there for An Audible Tasting, a pairing of local crafted beer with original crafted audio from Audible.

We brought five different styles of beer to the event; Eric Nuzum of Audible brought and presented the audio with producer Jesse Baker while Caroline Hennessy of this parish / freelance broadcaster and beer book author / native of Kilfinane talked us through the beer tasting.

Then we all headed to the pub.

An Audible Tasting
There are some things that could only happen at HearSay – An Audible Tasting offering treats for the mouth and ears is definitely one of them.

HearSay Invitees are asked to a guided tasting unlike any other, as a selection of carefully crafted audio pieces from Audible is paired with stunning locally brewed craft beers. The rich, subtle nature of both will be filtered through creative insights from passionate audio producers Collin Campbell, Lina Misitzis, Jesse Baker & Olivia Natt  and the in-depth knowledge of one of Ireland’s finest food writers. With Eric Nuzum (USA), Audible’s Vice President of Original Content Development, and Caroline Hennessy (Ire) Broadcaster and author of Sláinte – The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer and Cider.

Beers used
Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner Lager
Wayfarer Sour IPA
The Full Irish Single Malt IPA
Amber Ella American Amber Ale
Knockmealdown Irish Stout


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