Eight Degrees Brewing - Back to Black labels: Aztec Stout, Russian Imperial Stout, Zeus Black IPA
Eight Degrees Brewing - Back to Black labels: Aztec Stout, Russian Imperial Stout, Zeus Black IPA

Introducing our limited release Back to Black beer collection

We are celebrating the dark malts with this trilogy of experimental beers designed to warm the winter evenings. Our Back to Black Limited edition series is a journey of discovery, taking us on a trip through ancient civilizations, Greek mythology and Imperial Russian courts.

For your enjoyment we have brewed a smooth, silky chocolate stout spiced with chilies, vanilla and a touch of cinnamon; a heavy hitting Russian Imperial stout to warm those winter evenings; and a punchy black IPA carefully balancing the interplay of dark malts with tropical fruit hop flavours and a spicy bite.

Don’t be afraid of the dark…

Zeus Black IPA
ABV 7.0%

This beer is designed to challenge your preconceptions: it looks like a rich dark porter but tastes like a punchy IPA. This Black IPA uses Zeus hops from the Yakima valley and Ella hops from Australia. Think pine resins, citrus and tropical fruit aroma with a spicy bite. Close your eyes, take a sip and let your taste buds take over.

With food: This is hop central – pine resins, citrus and tropical fruit aroma with a hint of spice: try it to cut the flavour of an oily fish like salmon or to contrast the sweetness in shellfish. Try it with oysters – the bitterness will work brilliantly with them.

Aztec Stout
ABV 5.5%

The Aztecs were famous for chocolate, chillies, vanilla and human sacrifice*. Ireland: famous for stout. We decided to combine the two.

We introduced smoky chipotle chillies, from Lily at MyMexicanShop.ie, cocoa nibs, vanilla pods and a touch of cinnamon to a traditional Irish stout. A healthy amount of oatmeal provides for a smooth silky finish and a touch of cinnamon perfects the brew. The result is a rich warming dark ale to savour. Salud!

*NB no humans were sacrificed in the making of this beer.

With food: There’s a gorgeous slow burn from the chillies that would work brilliantly with ice cream. Go with milk chocolate pairings with this beer, or try with rich spicy food like a Mexican mole or a slow cooked chilli.

Russian Imperial Stout
ABV 9.0%

This unorthodox Russian stout is like an iron fist in a velvet glove. The dark crystal, chocolate malt and roasted barley are balanced with intense hop bitterness, creating a burnt caramel and espresso aroma with rounded rum and raisin notes. Enjoy, sipped slowly, as an after dinner digestif.

With food: Perfect match for dark chocolate deserts and the espresso flavours complement a Tiramisu to perfection. Try pouring it over a vanilla ice cream, like an affogato, or an ice cream float. Pair with a creamy blue cheese for a great contrast.

  1. wow!!! just tried both the imp. stout and the aztec stout, both fab!

    Have been waiting for an Irish brewery to break the mould of red ales and traditional stouts for quite a while.

    Both brews are innovative, imaginative, brave and extremely tasty to say the least.

    The chili kick from the aztec stout is super and the rich flavours of the imperial stout is something I have yet to taste from an Irish brewery.

    Keep up the good work.

    Many Thanks.

  2. Thanks John, great to hear you enjoyed them.

  3. Heya,

    I know someone interested in the Russian Imperial Stout. Will you be releasing this one again soon by any chance? Cheers!

  4. We may indeed be doing that, Florence. Think Christmas 2014 and watch this space!

  5. I had the Russian Imperial Stout in the 57 bar on Leonard’s corner. To say I was impressed was an understatement, it’s absolutely delicious, I had more than one, we’ll leave it at that 🙂

  6. 57 The Headline is a great spot for beer and food! The Russian Imperial is well worth trying with their brownie.

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