Sunburnt – Irish Red Ale

Like an Irishman on holidays in the Canaries, this beer has a red glow with a chilled out mellow feel. A traditional Irish style with a twist, the distinctive caramel notes are balanced with a hoppy aroma.

But beware: keep out of direct sunlight.

Sunburnt was the second beer we ever brewed, all the way back in 2011, and is still one of our brewers’ favourites.

2020 World Beer Awards – World Best Amber Ale
2018 World Beer Awards – Gold
2015 Great Taste Awards – two Gold stars
2014 Global Craft Beer Awards 2014 – Silver


Caramel malt and bitter orange

Style: Irish Red Ale
Malt: Irish pale malt, Cara, Munich
Hops: Nugget, Pacifica, Cascade
Strength: 5.0% ABV
Bitterness: 69 IBUs

Tasting notes:
Colour/appearance: pours a rich red colour with a light tan head.
Aroma: burnt caramel notes and a hint of hoppy citrus.
Flavour: a modern twist on a traditional Irish style, the toasty caramel flavours are balanced with a soft hop bitterness. Think orange marmalade on toast.
Aftertaste: smooth and sweet with a balanced orange bitterness in the finish.

Food pairings:
Serve with a cheese and charcuterie platter: there are enough hops here to stand up to sharp Hegarty’s cheddar cheese and cut through the richness of Gubbeen chorizo. Buttery, rich cheese, whether it has a bloomy rind – eg Cooleeney Farmhouse Cheese, Wicklow Baun – or a washed rind like Cais Rua work well here, the carbonation in the ale effectively cleaning the palate between each bite. Lamb – sweet and ever so slightly fatty – is also a good pairing. Match with a traditional Irish stew or make some lamb burgers, with lots of rosemary, and let the Sunburnt Irish Red shine through.

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