18 September, 2020

IRISH MUNRO Series #4: Fort of the Fianna Belgian IPA

Celebrating Ireland’s highest mountains, Irish Munros are peaks over 3,000 ft. Many of these peaks belong to the MacGillycuddy Reeks in Kerry, one is in Wicklow, and there’s one which towers over our Mitchelstown brewery, our beloved Galtymore. Since we started Eight Degrees, we’ve taken inspiration from the surrounding landscape, constantly innovating to brew adventurous beers using natural ingredients. The Irish Munro Series: continuing our Naturally Adventurous journey.

IRISH MUNRO Series #4: Fort of the Fianna Belgian IPA
3300 ft

At 3300 ft, or exactly 1,000m (for our metric-loving Antipodeans), Caher is the third highest peak in Ireland. Part of Kerry’s MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, Caher – in Irish Cathair na Féinne – translates as stone fort of the Fianna. This is land steeped in Irish mythology from the time when Fionn MacCumhaill and his army of brave warriors, the Fianna, hunted deer through the mountains.

To honour these legendary warriors, we’ve brewed something strong and hoppy in a Belgian style.

We added our current favourite hop Loral into the whirlpool for this Belgian IPA, followed by dry hopping with the elite new experimental HBC 522, which has strong citrus and floral notes. Singing above all this is our Belgian yeast strain of choice: BE256 is a quick attenuator producing a clean beer with hints of spice, clove and banana. Raise a glass to the Fianna.

Style: Belgian IPA
Malt: Irish pilsner malt, wheat.
Hops: Loral, dry hopped with HBC 522.
Yeast: BE256
IBUs: 44

Tasting notes
Colour/appearance: pale in the glass with a mousy white head
Aroma: floral, elderflower musk, sweet citrus.
Flavour: a smooth mouthfeel and soft fruity start followed by strong grapefruit bitterness to finish. Think old school white-fleshed grapefruit and you won’t go far wrong.
Aftertaste: As bitter as your average Kerryman after they’ve lost the All-Ireland Final (with all due respect to our resident Kerryman).

Food Pairings
The delicious bitter flavour of this beer will play happily with a big serving of the best Belgian-style frites and mayo. Add a side of Glenbeigh moules for extra glory, but hold the lemon. You’ve all the bitterness you need in the glass. Try with a Moroccan butternut squash casserole to cut through the sweet veg and play happily with those spices. For the ultimate pairing, get a slice of pumpkin pie; the fruit and floral flavours of the beer will enhance the savoury-sweetness of this quintessential autumn desert.

Availability: 440ml cans.
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