Eight Degrees Brewery - Berliner Weisse with redcurrant and rhubarbThis summer we have created something special: a mixed grain, mixed fermentation Berliner Weisse.

A grain base of 50% malted barley and 50% wheat plus a mixed culture fermentation creates a sweet and sour treat steeped in Germanic tradition. The ale yeast combines with lacto bacteria to work side by side in symbiotic harmony to bitter the beer. Add some ripe redcurrant sweetness and rhubarb – just like the brewery lads’ favourite mammy treat, the humble rhubarb tart – and you have yourself free love in a glass.

THE thirst quenching, summertime beer from Eight Degrees.

Short description: Infused with redcurrant and rhubarb.

Style: Berliner Weisse
Hops: Saaz, plus redcurrants and rhubarb
Malt: Irish lager malt, malted wheat.
Strength: 3.1% ABV – yes, you read that correctly. NOT 31% as someone wondered recently.
Bitterness: 7 IBUs

Tasting notes
Colour/appearance: A glorious, sparkling pink! (To make the boys wink.)
Aroma: Sour and sharp with redcurrant fruit.
Flavour: Bright and zippy sweet-sharp flavours, with redcurrant predominating. It’s a fruity Dib Dab sherbet.
Aftertaste: super refreshing with a dry lactic tang in the finish.

Food pairings
Summertime beer! With such a low ABV and palate-cleansing tart flavours, this is a beer to quaff while the sun shines and you eat your way through a barbeque’s worth of bold, sweet / savoury / smoky flavours. Skip the white wine and try it to brighten the flavours in chicken shawarma, to cosy up to grilled sweetcorn and aubergines or to cut through pulled pork and spiced lamb. Bring on the summer.

Launch Date: August 2017.
Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius
Availability: Draught only (30L and 50L kegs)
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