In brewing circles, trying to create a rare, best of breed beer is called a White Whale. In the same way that Captain Ahab became maniacally obsessed with chasing the elusive Moby Dick, our brewers have taken a deep dive into the black to create this beer that we affectionately call Blowhard.

We have taken a classic Imperial Stout and blown all the best bits out of proportion: stuffed the mash tun to the gills, double mashed for extra flavour, used premium Irish malt, gone overboard with toasted dark malts and extra roasted barley – all before committing the beer to a month long sentence in Jameson whiskey barrels, courtesy of our friends in Irish Distillers.

Together, we may have just caught a glimpse of this rare sight, Blowhard – our White Whale – for your winter drinking pleasure.

Short description: aged in Jameson Whiskey Barrels.

Style: whiskey barrel-aged Imperial stout.
Hops: Nugget
Malt: MCI pale ale malt, chocolate malt, oats, roast barley, wheat, Caramunich
Strength: 12% ABV
Bitterness: 44 IBUS

Tasting notes
Colour/appearance: dark as the ace of spades, with a light creamy head.
Aroma: espresso, chocolate and vanilla up front with a backbone of black liquorice.
Flavour: medium bodied with rounded milk chocolate, dried fruit and nut flavours, akin to your favourite Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut Bar. Complex and nutty, with a hint of clove, it’s somewhat akin to Nocino, an Italian liqueur made with fresh walnuts. Dangerously sippable.
Aftertaste: gentle boozy warmth and wood at the back of the mouth, with a slight tannic aftertaste.

Food pairings
This is the kind of beer that can stand up with aplomb to a juicy porterhouse steak, taking on accompaniments like beef dripping chips, roasted marrow bones and béarnaise sauce with ease. Towards the end of the meal, sip it with some creamy Young Buck unpasturised blue cheese or serve it up in brandy snifters alongside a few scoops of some deliciously rich vanilla bean-flecked ice cream.

Launch Date: November 2018.
Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius
Availability: 330ml bottles, VERY limited draught.

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Irish Examiner: Eight Degrees Brewing always produce something special at Christmas and 2018 is no exception. There is a new ‘Blowhard Imperial Stout’ aged in Jameson Barrels which has rich dark chocolate flavours mixed with dark fruits and would be perfect as a Christmas Pudding wine — at 12% ABV you won’t be using it for sessions.
The Beer Nut: Blowhard is a whopping 12% ABV but tastes nothing like that, being sweet and smooth, full of milk chocolate and with a lacing of honey which I guess is the whiskey’s doing. A few sips in and I noticed a growing belly-warmth which must be the spirit again so this is definitely a beer that sneaks up on you.

  1. Where can I find Blowhard in Dublin or Wicklow?

  2. Chocolate, blew away, Shiraz Cabernet Sauvigon, was on hand, to finanalize this deeply complex stout. Baltika stout used to be my accompanied tipple to dark red wines, but this one blew me away!

  3. Can’t find it in Cork city, is it still available in the brewery…?

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