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EDB in Belfast

It’s all go! The lads are up in Northern Ireland for a whole series of events organised by Prohibition NI. In summary: 7pm Thursday 26 November – Belfast – The Woodworkers tap takeover, first appearances of two of our limited edition winter specials, Mór Barleywine and Signal Belgian Stout. 7pm Friday 27 November – Portrush – Kiwi’s Brew Bar, Meet the Brewer tasting evening 2-5pm Saturday 26 November – Dungannon – Ranfurly House, Winter Beer Tasting featuring Mike’s Fancy Cheese 7pm Saturday 26 November – Hollywood – The Bay Tree, Meet the Brewer dinner with some incredible pairings. The Bay Tree menu  Pheasant & Pork Terrine with Melba Toast and Orange & Onion Chutney. + Sunburnt Irish Red Ale Roast Cod with Celeriac Puree, Salsa Verde & Roast Tomato. + Polar Vortex IPA Chicken stuffed with Black Pudding & Apple, with Mustard Sauce. + Hurricane IPA Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Apricots & Preserved Lemon. + Full Irish Single Malt IPA Chocolate Pecan Brownie with Malted Muscovado Cream. + Millennium IIPA Keep an eye on Twitter/FB – there’ll be a lot happening!   So in summary @8degreesbrewing NI visit consists these super events: Get involved! — Prohibition (@ProhibitionNI) November 26, 2015

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Winter 2015: Limited edition – Mór Barleywine

Mór. And Mór and Mór. This is a giant of a beer. With more caramel malt, more hops and more alcohol. Barleywine may be an old English style but this is a very EDB take on the classic, using copious amounts of American hops. Golden brown in the glass, with a thick white head, the gloriously big, bold flavours of Mór are based on a huge malt body. With masses of dried fruit flavours – particularly apricot – to the fore, there’s a spicy flourish of warming alcohol to finish. It’s a glass of Mór. Short description: barleywine – sweet, boozy, fruity – drink with care! Style: Barleywine Hops: Centennial, Cascade. Malt: Two-Row Malted Barley, Caramel and Crystal Malt ABV: 10.2% IBUs: 91 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: golden brown with a nice white head. Aroma: sweet boozy fruit and caramel on the nose. Flavour: aged in our conditioning tanks since the end of the summer, this is a well-balanced, big, bold beer. Lively and fruity, with sweet caramel notes, there are masses of dried fruits here, with a particular concentration of intensely flavoured dried apricot. Aftertaste: this will give you a seriously warm glow, with a lingering spicy alcohol finish. Food pairings: It’s worth pouring this into a snifter glass and savouring slowly by itself but, if you insist on matching it with food, grab a box of those soft Medjool dates and complement the caramel flavours. Traditionally, blue cheese makes a great contrast, but you need something particularly strong and pungent, like the raw milk Bellingham Blue. If you can get your hands on some goats’ cheese chocolate truffles – check out Dovina Chocolates in Dingle and Kilkenny’s The Truffle Fairy for these – you have an incredible pairing. Staying with the sweet side, try this with the darkest,

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Winter 2015: Limited edition – Signal Belgian Stout

Signal de Botrange is the highest mountain in Belgium, souring a massive 694m into the sky. It is almost as high as our neighbouring giant the Knockmealdown, but not quite. Belgium and Ireland are known for punching above their weight when it comes to beer, so it is fitting that they should come together for this Irish Export Stout brewed with a Belgian ale yeast. Inky black with a beautiful tan head, Signal has deep toffee and dark chocolate flavours. What lifts it from the marvelous to the sublime are the peppery notes from the yeast. Think spicy chocolate stout – and raise your glass to the mountains. Short description: Belgian stout – cacao and coffee flavours – try with Yule logs. Or selection boxes. Style: Belgian Stout Hops: Admiral. Malt: Two-row Irish Malted Barley, Malted Oats, Special B, Crystal, Chocolate Malt, Carafa. ABV: 6.0% IBUs: 34 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: inky black with a fine tan head. Aroma: spicy yeast, cocoa powder and bitter dark malts. Flavour: smooth and complex, with dark, delicious chocolate and coffee notes and a hint of caramel and peppery spice as it warms up in the glass. Aftertaste: a nice dry aftertaste, with a flourish of cacao to finish. Food pairings: This is what you want as an after dinner drink. Put it with a Yule Log and you’ll be in Christmas heaven. If you’re a Christmas pudding fan, complement it with the spicy flavours in this beer. Other favourite pairings are dark chocolate truffles – but this will also cut the sweetness from that selection box that you snaffled from the kids. Good to keep in mind. Launch Date: December 2015. Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius Availability: Bottles and draught (30L and 50L kegs)

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Limited edition – SnowEater Red IPA

The Chinook of the Pacific Northwest – also known as a ‘snow eater’ – is a warm, dry wind that blows down the side of the Rockies and can melt foot-high snow in a day. It is also the name of a Native American Indian tribe. A Chinook wind can substantially raise winter temperatures; we hope this beer will be your winter warmer. Not by chance, Chinook is the hop of choice in this Red Indian Pale Ale. Deep, intense caramel malt flavours are cut beautifully with lots of hops, which bring a spiced orange feel to proceedings. It’s the perfect time for a warm, fuzzy glow. Short description: Red IPA – tangerine and pine – lingering citrus tang Style: Red IPA Malt: Two-Row Irish Malted Barley, Crystal, Special B Hops: Chinook, Simcoe, Amarillo ABV: 6.2% Tasting notes Colour/appearance: a glorious russet colour in the glass, with a dense white head. Aroma: tangerine pith, pine. Flavour: deliciously rounded and smooth with spicy pine needles and deep bitter tangerine flavours. Aftertaste: lingering citrus tang, inviting you to take another sip. Food pairings: pine and tangerine? This is the beer for your turkey dinner. Strong enough to stand up to the onslaught of all the trimmings – bitter cranberry sauce, sweet ham, herby stuffing, milky bread sauce, vinegary red cabbage, sulphuric brussels sprouts – it will clear your palate in a trice, ready to complement the next slice of roasted turkey. Hoppy enough to stand up to goose or duck as well. Take the opportunity to try it with some gorgeous Skeaghanore smoked duck breast from West Cork. Launch Date: first released December 2015. Back due to popular demand!  Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius Availability: Bottles and draught (30L and 50L kegs)

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Limited edition – Big River Tasmanian IPA

Big River is an Aboriginal tribe located just north of the Derwent in southern Tasmania. The Big River tribe lived so remotely, it was claimed that they were the simplest people on Earth. They existed in harmony with nature for millennia and now the spectacularly fertile land where they lived is prime hop growing country. Our IPA showcases two wonderful hops from the region, Ella and Enigma. Short description: Tassie IPA – tangerine and passion fruit – tart bitterness Style: IPA Hops: Ella, Enigma Malt: 2-row base Irish malt Strength: 5.3% ABV Bitterness: 46 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: bright orange colour, fluffy white head. Aroma: strong floral notes, combined with a bright passion fruit and fresh pine aroma. Flavour: hops are to the fore here, with up front bitter tangerine flavours, followed by complex pine resin and tart redcurrant. Touch of anise in the finish. Aftertaste: pleasant lingering tart bitterness. Food pairings: this Tasmanian IPA has lots of lovely bitter pine flavours, which makes it the perfect match for an oily smoked fish like salmon, mackerel or trout. The hops cut through the rich fish – think of how you would serve Burren Smokehouse salmon with a lemon segment on the side – while the anise works as a delicious counterpoint. Make a smoked fish pate with Cork smoked mackerel from Woodcock Smokery or Belvelly Smokehouse and see how the flavours sing together or try it with a baked potato topped with Goatsbridge Smoked Trout. First launched: October 2015. Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius Availability: Bottles and draught (30L and 50L kegs)

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Watch out! Vic Secret is back in town

It’s back – briefly! – and kegs of our fab Vic Secret Black IPA left the brewery last week so watch out for them in the following spots: Harry Byrnes, Dublin Thomas Connolly Sligo Porterhouse Cork Against The Grain Dublin The Salthouse Bar Sunday Music Session, Galway Alfie Byrne’s by Galway Bay Brewery, Dublin 57 The Headline, Dublin The Brew Dock, Dublin Foley’s Hop House, Galway Bottles were also released into the wild this week so watch out for them in your local independent off licence. Tasting notes? But, of course… Single Hop Series: Vic Secret  

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The Irish Times: Millennium Imperial IPA

From Take it Home by John Wilson in The Irish Times Fri, Oct 9, 2015 Millennium Imperial IPA, Eight Degrees Brewing 10% I met Scott from Eight Degrees in the basement corridor of a Dublin hotel this week. He was gently bemoaning the massive delays they have encountered in expanding their brewery down in Mitchelstown. Lack of space puts a huge pressure on everything and everyone in a brewery, but he seems to be handling it well. However, lack of space hasn’t stopped them releasing a series of interesting seasonal beers. I tried the spicy malty Ochtoberfest Bock, sadly now all gone, and the Millennium amongst others at the Craft Beer Fest. For their thousandth brew, the team decided to make the most alcoholic, most highly hopped beer yet, coming in at a warming 10% alcohol. It is complex on nose and palate, full-bodied with masses of resin and masses of peach and pineapple fruits, finishing very long and dry. Remarkably well-balanced and very enjoyable. Definitely not a session beer; this is one to sit down and slowly savour while watching Mike Ross sprint in for his fourth try against the French… in the Millennium stadium.

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Our beers for auction in Singapore

Not only have our beers made it all the way to Singapore – check out the brilliant Brews Brothers if you’re over there and looking for a home delivery! – but a case went on the block for a charity auction this week. Congratulations and very well done to the winner of the auction. That’s officially the most that’s been paid for a case of our beer and it’s all going to Singapore childrens’ charities. Next time you’re near Ireland, drop into the brewery – we’ll stand you a pint!

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Mauritius to Mitchelstown: brewery build update

After many, many delays we’re about ready to rock into it. Our planning application is in and we’re temporarily fixing primary pipes to get tank positions exact before removing tanks and pouring base. Can of WD-40 ready to be applied to any engineering problem that arises. If you’d like to see what we’re working with at the moment, here’s a super-quick tour of the brewery from early 2014. Ah, so long ago… More about our Mauritius to Mitchelstown adventure here. PS Our not-very-techie Techie has finally got the finger out and updated the online shop with the latest batch of t-shirts for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. €15 a pop, and FREE shipping. Can’t say better than that! Oh, and there’s a new design too. Check. It. OUT. Eight Degrees Shop: t-shirts  

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Now pouring: 20 September 2015

A little late for the weekend, our ‪#‎nowpouring‬ list, with ‪#‎MillenniumIIPA‬‪#‎SunburntIrishRed‬ ‪#‎Hurricaneipa‬ ‪#‎BarefootBohemianPils‬‪#‎HowlingGaleAle‬ ‪#‎KnockmealdownStout‬ ‪#‎FullIrishIPA‬ ‪#‎AmberEllaIPA‬ and all kinds of loveliness. Ashling Hotel Dublin – Full Irish IPA Nancy Hands Bar & Restaurant – Sunburnt Irish Red L. Mulligan. Grocer. – Sunburnt Irish Red The Beerhouse Dublin – Hurricane IPA, Barefoot Bohemian Pils, Millennium The Salthouse Galway – Amber Ella, then Millennium Imperial IPA Harry Byrnes – Grand Stretch, then Full Irish IPA McSorley’s Of Ranelagh – Full Irish Anseo Camden Street – Howling Gale Mulligans of Sandymount – Howling Gale Fowlers Malahide – Howling Gale Fitzgeralds of Sandycove – Howling Gale W.J. Kavanagh’s, Dorset Street – Sunburnt Irish Red, Full Irish Frite Haus – Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner Frank Ryan’s – Howling Gale Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa – Howling Gale Scannells Bar – Howling Gale, then Full Irish IPA Cassidy’s – Knockmealdown Stout Murrays Bar Kilmainham – Howling Gale Hole in the Wall – Full Irish IPA Dock 1 Galway – Full Irish Swagman Bar – Millennium & Full Irish IPA Coming up this week: we’re doing a tasting at O’Brien’s Off Licence in Limerick on Friday 25 September, between 6.30pm and 7.30pm. They’ll have bottles of our Millennium IIPA in stock. Just saying!

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Watch: Millennium IIPA

A little something for the weekend? The Aussie talks – and tastes! – one of the first bottles of our celebration beer, Millennium IIPA, to come off the bottling line. 1,000 brews down, another 1,000 to do before we get more of this! Read more about Millennium IIPA here: August 2015: Limited edition – Millennium Imperial IPA

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August 2015: Limited edition – Millennium Imperial IPA

Eight Degrees are celebrating 1,000 brews by creating a big, bold beer to be savoured and sought after. Our hoppiest beer ever, an Imperial India Pale Ale, comes in at 10% ABV and is brewed with a colossal whirlpool addition of whole cone hops producing a beer with sweet biscuit malt flavours, balanced with bitter orange tang. Celebrate good times with Eight Degrees. We’re so hoppy. Short description: IIPA – pine and tangerine – luscious mouthfeel Style: Imperial Indian Pale Ale Hops: Chinook, Simcoe, Ella and Galaxy Strength: 10% ABV Bitterness: 84 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: pours a rich apricot colour. Aroma: super hoppy on the nose, with pine resin, full pineapple and tangerine citrus aroma. Flavour: Intense flavour profile, with full hop flavours of pine and tangerine zest balanced by a malt richness. Luscious, full bodied and exceptionally well balanced. Aftertaste: smooth, with an incredible length of bitter pine. Food pairings: at 10% ABV, this is a beer that deserves to be savoured and sipped slowly as an after dinner drink. That said, if you happen to have some Crozier Blue sheeps’ milk cheese lying around the house, that’s a bitter/salt pairing well worth trying. Launch Date: August 2015. Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius Availability: Bottles and draught (30L and 50L kegs)

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