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Knockmealdown Porter on BBC Travel

The English Market, Cork

Eight Degrees is “…famed for its dark and chocolatey Knockmealdown Porter,” you say? We can live with that. Oh yes we can. Our Knockmealdown Porter certainly is deep, dark and delicious and it’s in exceptionally good food and drink company in Neil Wilson’s BBC Travel article on Exploring the Food Capital of Ireland. The real capital, that is. But the BBC aren’t the only people to appreciate this special brew. The Irish Examiner named it Beer of the Week recently, singling out “…a lovely expressive cocoa and mocha aroma, good body and a dry lightly bitter finish.” It’s also the beer singled out by the New York Times Magazine last year in A Drinker’s Guide to Dublin. Rosie Schaap named it as one of Three Irish Craft Beers I’d Love to Be Able to Drink Here: …Bold, malty and tinged with chocolate but not quite as hearty as stout. Should we introduce them to our Kindred Spirit? Read more: Knockmealdown Porter Food pairing recommendations Knockmealdown Porter Brownies

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Press release: SFA Award/Limited edition barrel-aged stout

Eight Degrees win SFA Award

Eight Degrees Brewing win SFA Emerging New Business Award Limited edition release for St Patrick’s Day: barrel-aged Teeling collaboration stout Scott Baigent and Cameron Wallace of Eight Degrees Brewing were delighted to accept an SFA award for Emerging New Businesses in Dublin last Thursday, 8 March. This category in the Small Firms’ Association National Small Business Awards recognises emerging entrepreneurs whose businesses have been established less than two years and who employ up to 50 employees. It aims to award emerging entrepreneurs that have the potential to grow their companies into successful organisations which will be innovative, create employment and have the ability to win the SFA National Small Business Award in the future. “We were thrilled with the award,” said Wallace. “We’re only just coming up to our second birthday and it’s great to see Irish craft beer being recognised.” Their latest limited edition brew, a rich chocolate, coffee stout called Kindred Spirit (7.0% ABV) goes on sale from 13 March at the St Patrick’s Day Irish Craft Beer Village at the IFSC in Dublin. This smooth, velvety drop is a truly Irish experience, aged in 25-year-old whiskey barrels generously provided by Teeling Whiskey Company. An Irish stout to savour. Kindred Spirit will be available from select draught outlets. Picture from the SFA Awards 2013 Left to right: SFA Chairman AJ Noonan. Minister for Small Business, John Perry, TD, Scott Baigent, Cameron Wallace, Vincent Reynolds from Cavan County Enterprise Board.

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SFA National Small Business Award for Eight Degrees

The brewers are going to the ball! To the The SFA National Small Business Awards 2013 tomorrow night, to be precise. We were thrilled to learn that Eight Degrees is one of two winners, and the only food business, in the Emerging New Business category, which recognises emerging entrepreneurs who have businesses established for less than two years. Hard to believe that we’re only coming up to our second birthday in April, which we will be celebrated with our annual pilgrimage to the Franciscan Well Easterfest on 30 and 31 March. While the lads were delighted to get news of the award, they were a little perturbed when the invitation to the event specified a dress code of Cocktail Dress. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a pair of brewers trussed up in little black dresses, but suffice it to say that it’s an entertaining, if not altogether pleasant, sight. Fortunately, to spare us all, a follow-up email from the SFA clarified the situation with a link to Keeping that site’s advice in mind, and being careful not to “upstage the hostess”, we’ve all found something to wear for Thursday and are very much looking forward to the night.

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Eight Degrees Brewing at Cork’s Bierhalle

Eight Degrees Brewing - Mexican Night at the Bierhalle, Cork

Last week Scott headed off to the Bierhalle in Cork for their Mexican night. Fajitas and tacos and lots of good, tasty beer. He brought back these photos to prove that he had been working – and not just eating! – all night. All photos credit Julia Healy of Julia’s Photos and lots more on the Bierhalle Facebook photo album.

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We need your help again to NAME THAT BEER! We have brewed a rich chocolate stout with coffee-like aromatics and aged it in 25-year-old Bushmill whiskey barrels generously provided by the Teeling Whiskey Company. After months of aging it is ready to bottle. A sneaky taste reveals an incredible smooth sweet whiskey nose and oak character with a chocolaty and bitter roasted finish. It’s coming in at around 6.5% ABV. We’re very excited. Can you help us name this All-Irish limited release collaboration beer? Entries via Facebook, Twitter or by email to THE PRIZE The LUCKY person who provides the chosen name will receive… A case of this delicious barrel-aged stout (24 bottles of it) 6 Eight Degrees branded Cervoise-style glasses – very fancy A cool and hip Eight Degrees t-shirt Unfortunately we can only send this prize to addresses in ROI and NI. If you’re the winner and abroad, you can always pick your favourite Irish-based person to be the recipient. Just think how they’ll welcome you with open arms next time you’re in the country. Might not be any beer left, though.

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Eight Degrees on the road: Farmhouse Cheese and Craft Beer Weekend, Savour Kilkenny

A selection of Irish craft beer from Eight Degrees Brewing

It’s going to be a busy few days for Eight Degrees with beer tastings taking place all over the country towards the end of the week. Most of these are taking part as part of Bord Bia’s fantastic Farmhouse Cheese and Craft Beer Weekend and there are also some events at Savour Kilkenny. Eight Degrees beer will be featuring, some of the events will have Scott or Cam there to talk brewing and Caroline will also pop up at a few venues. Farmhouse Cheese and Craft Beer On Thursday 25 October at 7pm Pat Shortt’s Bar, Main Street, Castlemartyr, Cork there will be beer and cider matched with local cheese. Caroline will be there and she hears that chef Mike Hanrahan has some tricks up his sleeve for the night. On both Friday and Saturday afternoons Urru Bandon and Matsons Bandon, Co Cork will have Irish Farmhouse Cheese & Local Beers & Cider sampling. Special taster plate with complimentary beer/cider. On Saturday 27 October, from 10am to 3pm, Cam will be talking beer and cheese at the Farmhouse Cheese & Craft Beer Weekend will be celebrated at the Sheridan’s Cheesemongers farmers’ market, Virginia Road Station Shop, Kells, Co. Meath. The event listing for the whole weekend is on the Bord Bia website and, if you feel like putting together a DIY Irish Craft Beer/Cider and Farmhouse Cheese event at home, check out the pairing notes. Savour Kilkenny Caroline is heading off to the Savour Kilkenny Food Camp on Friday 26 October to talk about Irish Craft Beer: Savour. Match. Cook. There may also be some tastings… Registration is still open at As part of the festival food lovers trail, The Grapevine is hosting a craft beer and tapas matching event on Saturday 27 October, from 2pm to 4.30pm. Caroline

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FREE Eight Degrees T-shirts

  FREE T-Shirt Competition How to claim your ‘Don’t Drink Beer from Strangers’ T-shirt EASY: Simple post into us four barcodes from the bottom of any of our six-packs and we will send you a free t-shirt. REMEMBER: to give us your name and address and importantly your t-shirt size. The t-shirts do tend to be on the smallish side so keep that in mind. OFFER ENDS: 15 December 2012 (delivered to Eight Degrees, Mitchelstown) POST TO: Eight Degrees Brewing, Unit 3, Coolnanave, Mitchelstown, Co Cork   LIMITATIONS: We know nobody will try to exploit our generosity…. but just in case: T Shirts will only be sent to addresses in ROI and NI. Only one T Shirt per person, per address and per stamped envelope (i.e. you will only get one T shirt even you stuff hundreds of bar codes in the envelope!!) If you can’t be bothered collecting 4 barcodes, you can buy the t-shirts for 15 euros. We accept cash, cheques or bank transfer. email us for details at

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Ochtober has gone before October

We had grand plans for our maiden Ochtoberfest. We even had a story: Ochtoberfest sounds like a German beer festival traditionally held to celebrate the marriage of King Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Bavaria back in 1810. But it is not. Ochtoberfest is a modern Irish festival celebrating the lucky and infinite nature of this humble numeral. Only beer brewed eight degrees west of Greenwich on the eighth month of the year – and served at precisely eight degrees celsius – can be consumed at the festival. Eight Degrees Brewing have brewed a Marzen-style beer, which just happens to be the traditional brew of that other festival in Munich. Our Marzen is a full bodied lager, with a deep amber colour, rich toasty malt character and hopped a lot more than Ludwig would like. We also had plans for the largest Ochtoberfest in North Cork…. Then something happened. No – nothing bad bad, we just ran out of it before we could start having some fun with it. So for now, there is just what you see in our fine outlets. Some of our good customers are placing some subtle pressure to get brewing and release some in October… we’ll see.

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The Irish Craft Beer Revolution Begins

Seen an Irish craft brewer lately? They’re reasonably easy to spot. Telltale signs would be a person rushing a pile of kegs into a pub, with malt still hanging off their jeans, looking very sleep deprived, but (oddly) with an optimistic cheer to them…yes, a weird sight. That would be because the last few months for the Irish craft brewing community have been hectic. In Eight Degrees, we’re installing 2-4 new taps into pubs a week – half of which have no other craft beer available on draught. We are also lining up new bottle outlets at a similar rate. Not a big number for a big brewery, but huge numbers for a small brewery like ours. Talking with our brothers and sister brewers, they’re all experiencing similar demands. Another brewery is reportedly getting swamped with calls that start off ‘Are you the crowd that do that craft beer?’. For us, enquiries from stockists really picked up from September 2011, but this article and several around it have kicked off a lot of interest from the pub trade. We are very mindful that we are also benefiting from many years of hard work by our fellow brewers, pioneering pubs and off licences and Beoir . We’ve got a long way to go though. With Irish craft beer still occupying well less than 1% of beer sales in Ireland – we are well short of the legendary 5% share in the US – but we are quietly confident that we will collectively get there.

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Eight Degrees Sponsors Claremont Railway Tag Rugby Team

  The newly formed Eight Degrees Brewing tag rugby team. From left to right Rory Kennedy, Joanne OReilly, Scott Wilde, John ODonovan, Susan Freeney, Dave Diskin, Anna Douglas, Ben McGahon, Claire Treacy, Stephanie Grogan, Monique Kelleher and Eoin Johnston Friends from the Claremont Railway Tennis Club recently set up their own mixed tag rugby team and so far this season are undefeated, despite most of the team being new to the sport. When John O’Donovan and Rory Kennedy approached Eight Degrees Brewing’s Cam for sponsorship, Cam was very intrigued, after all it encompassed the Eight Degree philosophy of living the naturally adventurous spirit and giving something new a try. But knowing his marketing budget for the year is a drop in the ocean compared to the likes of Heineken and Diageo, enquired as to what they were looking for exactly, bright orange and graphite t-shirts emblazed with the Eight Degrees logo was the answer, wow, said Cam, we can do that for you, and dont they look brilliant. So far they are undefeated in their maiden season, but thats not the only important thing. Its a very social occasion and afterwards they celebrate with bottles of Eight Degrees beers and invite their opposition to join them. One night apparently kicked on till the early hours of the morning, not bad for a Wednesday night. And on the beers…. Love them ! We are all big fans… Thanks so much for the sponsorship, we are all having a blast and opposition feel suitably intimidated by our striking t-shirts! – Anna Douglas Just won! Everyone is having an eight degrees beer now outside. Everyone gave it the thumbs up – John O’Donovan Ur beer is v successful tonight with loads of the teams – Rory Kennedy I’m not a beer drinker but

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May 2011: Ireland’s newest craft brewery

Welcome to Ireland’s newest craft brewery. It has taken us nearly two years to get to where we are now, from concept to shiny new brewery producing some tasty beers. First we needed a business plan, then we had to convince a load of people that we were not crazy, from family and friends to banks and enterprise and development boards. Once we convinced them and ourselves that actually it was a good idea, we then had to decide on a location and find the right site. By October 2010 we had a location, set in the foothills of the beautiful Galtee mountains in Mitchelstown. Now we needed to acquire some equipment. Luckily for us Carlow Brewing were expanding and their 15 HL brewhouse was up for sale; we grabbed it quickly. Then for the next 6 months, we worked on the paperwork trail securing a brewers licence, a bonded warehouse discharge licence, health and safety, HACCP plan, oh the joys of paperwork. We couldn’t wait to get started and get brewing again. Finally the day arrived, April 1. Yes we were going to do our first commercial brew on April Fools day, possibly an appropriate day. But, we are optimists, we got a brew together, albeit a day late, probably a good thing and finally launched at the Franciscan Well Brewpub in Cork over Easter 2011. We are delighted with the response thus far to our first beer, a golden ale called Howling Gale Ale. Now to get started on number two…

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A Craft Brewers Mecca

I visited a place recently where the mountains were so high one could ski for 8 months of the year. Where the rivers and lakes so clean fishing is not a patient wait but rather an energetic pursuit. The people were educated, proud of their homeland, loved the outdoors and were adventurous in spirit. Under these conditions, something else was in abundance… craft beer. You could walk into virtually any bar there and the savvy customer would have a vast array of tasty beautifully hand crafted beers For beer enthusiasts it was our ‘mecca’. Earlier this year I visited Washington State, (no not to see the President, that’s Washington DC on the other side of the country), but to research bottling machines and do some training. What I encounter as I arrived into Seattle, the capital of the 7.6 million inhabitant strong state was a vast selection of beers, (yes I did head straight for the nearest bar). I thought, how incredibly lucky I was to stumble upon a bar which served something other than the mass produced beers served at most pubs here in Ireland. But it wasn’t just that bar, it was virtually all of them. I was in some sort of Nirvana state. The craft beer revolution has been in full swing there for around 15 years, the state alone has over 130 micro / craft breweries, the United States has over 1,500 breweries. This compares with Ireland that at last count has 13 craft breweries, Eight Degrees Brewing lucky #13. The interesting thing I noticed, in their own newspaper,( yes they have a monthly newspaper for the 130 breweries and followers to keep abreast of events and happenings) was a map of the States with a count of microbreweries. The, lets say, more educated, less redneck

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