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SFA National Small Business Award for Eight Degrees

The brewers are going to the ball! To the The SFA National Small Business Awards 2013 tomorrow night, to be precise. We were thrilled to learn that Eight Degrees is one of two winners, and the only food business, in the Emerging New Business category, which recognises emerging entrepreneurs who have businesses established for less than two years. Hard to believe that we’re only coming up to our second birthday in April, which we will be celebrated with our annual pilgrimage to the Franciscan Well Easterfest on 30 and 31 March. While the lads were delighted to get news of the award, they were a little perturbed when the invitation to the event specified a dress code of Cocktail Dress. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a pair of brewers trussed up in little black dresses, but suffice it to say that it’s an entertaining, if not altogether pleasant, sight. Fortunately, to spare us all, a follow-up email from the SFA clarified the situation with a link to Keeping that site’s advice in mind, and being careful not to “upstage the hostess”, we’ve all found something to wear for Thursday and are very much looking forward to the night.

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May 2011: Ireland’s newest craft brewery

Welcome to Ireland’s newest craft brewery. It has taken us nearly two years to get to where we are now, from concept to shiny new brewery producing some tasty beers. First we needed a business plan, then we had to convince a load of people that we were not crazy, from family and friends to banks and enterprise and development boards. Once we convinced them and ourselves that actually it was a good idea, we then had to decide on a location and find the right site. By October 2010 we had a location, set in the foothills of the beautiful Galtee mountains in Mitchelstown. Now we needed to acquire some equipment. Luckily for us Carlow Brewing were expanding and their 15 HL brewhouse was up for sale; we grabbed it quickly. Then for the next 6 months, we worked on the paperwork trail securing a brewers licence, a bonded warehouse discharge licence, health and safety, HACCP plan, oh the joys of paperwork. We couldn’t wait to get started and get brewing again. Finally the day arrived, April 1. Yes we were going to do our first commercial brew on April Fools day, possibly an appropriate day. But, we are optimists, we got a brew together, albeit a day late, probably a good thing and finally launched at the Franciscan Well Brewpub in Cork over Easter 2011. We are delighted with the response thus far to our first beer, a golden ale called Howling Gale Ale. Now to get started on number two…

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Our beer is full of flavour and made from fresh and natural ingredients. What we put into our Beers 1.       Pure Mountain River Water Roughly 95% of the ingredients that goes into making beer is water. But how variable can water be. As it turns out, very. This is why after researching long and hard we chose Mitchelstown, set at the foot of the mighty Galtee Mountains, the water filters through rock down through crystal clear rivers, picking up some necessary mineral deposits along the way, to our door. Just like how soap foams up easier with soft water, brewing with hard or soft water affects how the beer feels in the mouth. 2.       Malted Barley Barley is an agricultural crop and varied from year to year. However the variation in harvest quality is small compared to what happens during the malting process. Once harvested the barley are rock hard little seeds full of starch and enzymes. The malting process soaks the raw barley thereby tricking it into, wow the rains have come, I’m going to become a big barley plant and begins to sprout. After a few days the maltster plays another trick on the unsuspecting barleycorn and stops its growth process by heating it up. Depending on the temperature and length of time, we end up a huge variety of malted barley with different tastes from a pale malt to a dark chocolaty bitter roasted flavour. The malting process modifies the barley and once cracked through a mill is ready to be mashed (see Brewing Process). Malt is sometimes described as the SOUL of beer 3.       Hops Hops are a surprisingly delicate climbing plant called Humulus lupulus.  Such a cool sounding name, it’s not surprising they derive from the same plant family as cannabis. Brewers are only interested

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Eight Degrees Brewing, Unit 3, Coolnanave Industrial Park, Mitchelstown, Co Cork, Ireland. P67 RW84. Tel 025 84933

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