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RACK ‘EM UP Series: #4 Purple Ball Brut IPA with Aliprandi

The RACK ‘EM UP SERIES from Eight Degrees Brewing #4 Purple Ball Brut IPA with Aliprandi Eight Degrees is turning eight this year. To celebrate eight years of brewing, we are producing eight exciting and innov8ing beers throughout 2019, many of them collaborations with acclaimed craft breweries or with quality local producers. These eight unique beers will form part of our exciting and colourful RACK EM’ UP series. Eight Years. Eight Beers. Eight Collabs. We are excited to present a beer which reflects the fruitful relationship we have had with our Italian distributor Aliprandi over the last eight years. It’s no secret that we love IPAs and this Brut IPA is a modern version of that style: it’s brewed to be bone dry and low in bitterness, but with a huge hop aroma. This beer resembles the famous Franciacorta wines of Lombardy, which are pale, dry and sparkling. We finish it with a massive dry hop addition of Hallertau Blanc, for a lovely white grape aroma. The result is a bright spritzy, refreshing beer, just what you need for la dolce vita. Salute! Style: Brut IPA Malt: Two-row malted Irish barley. Hops: Citra, Amarillo, Hallertau Blanc. ABV: 6.3 IBUs: 22 Tasting notes Colour/appearance: pale golden yellow, with a big moussy head. Aroma: full bodied and fruity; apricot and white grape on the nose. Flavour: the Hallertau Blanc hop is the main feature here and its elegant white wine-like characteristics are allowed to shine. The beer is vivid and vinous, with high and brisk carbonation. It has the fleshy stone fruit flavours of nectarine and apricot, alongside tropical pineapple and ripe grapes, with a touch of grapefruit and enough well balanced bitterness to keep it sippable. Aftertaste: deliciously dry on the palate. Food Pairings With the flavours of this beer aligned

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RACK ‘EM UP SERIES #3: Red Ball Aussie IPA with Hop Products Australia

The RACK ‘EM UP SERIES from Eight Degrees Brewing #3 Red Ball Aussie IPA with HPA Eight Degrees is turning eight this year. To celebrate eight years of brewing, we are producing eight exciting and innov8ing beers throughout 2019, many of them collaborations with acclaimed craft breweries or with quality local producers. These eight unique beers will form part of our exciting and colourful RACK EM’ UP series. Eight Years. Eight Beers. Eight Collabs. A few years ago, a heated brewery debate about the world’s best hops led to our first Eight Degrees Brewing Hop Off. We brewed two versions of a hoppy IPA: Cyclone focused solely on Southern Hemisphere hops, while Hurricane used hops from the Northern Hemisphere. Much to the Aussie and Kiwi’s disappointment, the people’s vote declared Hurricane IPA the winner. Despite this, we had unwittingly stumbled upon something great. One of the hops selected for Cyclone IPA was a new Hop Products Australia (HPA) cultivar called Ella with delicious floral and spicy characteristics. This hop was to help us produce many world-beating beers including our famous Amber Ella Amber Ale. For this Aussie IPA we are showcasing two HPA stunners – and two EDB favourites – Vic Secret & Enigma. Vic Secret is irresistible, with aromas of pineapple, a hint of herb and pine resin. Enigma has a softer bitterness, alongside the characteristic fruity melon flavour and aroma. All the way from Australia for your drinking pleasure. Style: IPA Malt: Two-row malted Irish barley, crystal malt. Hops: Vic Secret, Enigma. ABV: 5.7% IBUs: 61 Tasting notes Colour/appearance: a rich caramel orange in the glass with a fluffy white head. Aroma: masses of tutti frutti tropical fruit to the fore, with a note of lime, followed by sweet dank hops. Flavour: this is a full bodied and complex

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RACK ‘EM UP SERIES #2: Blue Ball Coffee-Infused Vienna Lager with Badger & Dodo

The RACK ‘EM UP SERIES from Eight Degrees Brewing #2 Blue Ball Coffee-Infused Vienna Lager with Badger & Dodo Eight Degrees is turning eight this year. To celebrate eight years of brewing, we are producing eight exciting and innov8ing beers throughout 2019, many of them collaborations with acclaimed craft breweries or with quality local producers. These eight unique beers will form part of our exciting and colourful RACK EM’ UP series. Eight Years. Eight Beers. Eight Collabs. People who love great beer love great coffee. For our #2 collab, we’ve joined up with good friends and local coffee roastery Badger & Dodo, which was set up by Aussie Brock down the road from us in Fermoy, Co Cork, in 2008. The initial brief was simple – ABS: Anything But Stout – so we decided to go for a lighter beer style. This Vienna Lager uses three classic continental malts – Vienna, Munich and Pilsner – to highlight the nuances in the coffee. After some cupping at Badger & Dodo HQ, we decided on a natural process Ethiopian coffee. Using cold brew to draw out the red berry flavours with little bitterness, we finished with some espresso additions in the conditioning phase for a final flourish. Style: Coffee-infused Vienna Lager Malt: Vienna, Munich. Pilsner Hops: a trace of Nugget. ABV: 4.5% IBUs: 16 Tasting notes Colour/appearance: sunshine gold in the glass, on the lighter side of a classic Vienna lager. Aroma: there is a distinct toasty malt biscuit note to the fore, followed by a distinct coffee aroma as the beer warms up. Think along the lines of digestive biscuits that disintegrate as you’re dunking them into your coffee (but that you scoop out and eat anyway.) Flavour: this is a refreshing and invigorating sipper, with plenty of malty sweetness balanced

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RACK ‘EM UP SERIES #1: Yellow Ball Double Dry Hop IPA with Bale Breaker Brewing & Revolution Brewing

The RACK ‘EM UP SERIES from Eight Degrees Brewing #1: Yellow Ball Double Dry Hop IPA with Bale Breaker Brewing and Revolution Brewing Eight Degrees is turning eight this year. To celebrate eight years of brewing, we are producing eight exciting and innov8ing beers throughout 2019, many of them collaborations with acclaimed craft breweries or with quality local producers. These eight unique beers will form part of our exciting and colourful RACK EM’ UP series. Eight Years. Eight Beers. Eight Collabs. First in the line up is a double dry-hopped IPA. This is a three-way collaboration between Eight Degrees, Bale Breaker Brewing – from the hop heaven that is Washington’s Yakima Valley – and Revolution Brewing, Chicago’s largest independent craft beer brewery. It’s a showcase of Yakima Valley’s finest hops chosen by Bale Breaker, a malt bill picked by Eight Degrees to feature the best of local Irish malt and a yeast strain chosen by Revolution. The result is a beer supercharged with hop freshness and aroma. Style: Double Dry Hop IPA Malt: Two-Row Irish malted barley, CaraPils. Hops: Simcoe + late addition of Citra and Jester. ABV: 5.9% IBUs: 65 Tasting notes Colour/appearance: deep, dark gold in the glass with a white, pillowy head. Aroma: an up-front biscuit malt sweetness initially, followed by pepper spice and dank pine. Flavour: medium carbonation, juicy and full bodied. A classic West Coast IPA, with sweet stone fruit to the forefront, quickly dominated by pine sap bitterness, alongside white pepper and ginger spice notes. Aftertaste: a lemon marmalade bitterness that lingers. Food pairings We love beer and cheese and this IPA goes particularly well with blue cheese, especially our local favourite Cashel Blue, the creamy funk of the cheese contrasting beautifully with the bitterness of the beer. Make that Cashel Blue into a

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Limited edition: Vermilion Red IPA

A vivid bright red pigment, vermilion was highly prized by Renaissance artists but, because it was as expensive as gold leaf, only used sparingly for the most important decorative manuscripts and frescos. Also called Chinese Red, Taoists regarded the bloody red pigment as the colour of life and used it to make made potions meant to rejuvenate and heal. Whilst we would never make this claim, the precious hops that we use in this red IPA have a preservative effect but, more importantly, impart the luscious tropical fruit flavours of juicy mango and passionfruit, underpinned by bitter orange and pine. Style: Red IPA Malt: Two-Row Irish malted barley, CaraMunich, CaraAroma. Hops: Vic Secret, Enigma ABV: 5.8% IBUs: 58 Tasting notes Colour/appearance: a distinct terracotta tint with a billowing creamy head. Aroma: sweet tropical fruit on the nose initially, with dank and leafy depths. Flavour: there’s a proper amount of robust bitterness up front here with bitter Seville orange peel, lime and pine coming through at the start. The tropical fruit flavours are more evident as the beer warms up in the glass. Aftertaste: lingering assertive bitterness. Food pairings: the delicious bitter aftertaste of this beer makes it ideal to cut through any rich foods. Pairs well with roast chicken, turkey or goose, the caramel notes in the beer hooking onto the flavours of the crispy roast skin and making sure that it never becomes to. Savour it alongside a sweet-savoury-sour dish of Pad Thai noodles or try with some Irish farmhouse cheese like Hegarty’s Comté-style Tempegall or their distinctive piquant Cheddar. Launch Date: December 2018. Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius Availability: 440ml cans, limited draught. Get social: #VermilionRIPA

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Limited edition: Wild Ballyhoura: Trespass Dark Farmhouse Ale

In September 2017 we did a special collaboration brew with Jamil Zainasheff, famed author and co-owner of Heretic Brewing in San Francisco. Collaborations are all about exploring new possibilities, challenging one another to push boundaries. Jamil – author of Yeast and Brewing Classic Styles – has done it all. So we looked local and, in keeping with the grand saison tradition of brewing with what’s at hand, we developed a recipe to take advantage of the plentiful supply of ripe blackberries growing wild in the nearby Ballyhoura mountains. For one of our most complex beers ever, we brewed a Belgian farmhouse-style ale, with premium Irish malt, Bavarian specialty malt, English hops, and a mixed fermentation comprising a saison yeast for primary with Brettanomyces yeast as a secondary fermentation. We aged this in Burgundy pinot noir and chardonnay wine barrels for 13 months, then added even more blackberries to create a rich, dark and complex blackberry farmhouse ale. We called it Trespass: the sweetest blackberries always grow on another man’s bush. Style: Dark farmhouse ale infused with blackberries. Malt: MCI Pale ale malt, Weyermans Caraaroma, Caramunich III, Carafa Special III, wheat malt. Yeast: Belgian saison yeast, Brett Brux, Brett Lambicus and and Brett C. Hops: Fuggles. Strength: 7.5% ABV Bitterness: 35 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: dark chestnut brown in the glass with a creamy head. Aroma: a big sweet nose up front, with an aroma of sweet apple and red berries to the fore, balanced with vinous undertones and a hint of wood. Flavour: medium body. Mild tart flavour with fruity apple and jammy blackberry notes. Toffee caramel sweetness and a dry funky ending. Aftertaste: dry finish with faint Brett barnyard aftertones. Food pairings The fruity, tart flavours in this farmhouse ale make it ideal for food. Bake up a whole

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Limited edition: Blowhard Imperial Stout aged in Jameson Whiskey Barrels

In brewing circles, trying to create a rare, best of breed beer is called a White Whale. In the same way that Captain Ahab became maniacally obsessed with chasing the elusive Moby Dick, our brewers have taken a deep dive into the black to create this beer that we affectionately call Blowhard. We have taken a classic Imperial Stout and blown all the best bits out of proportion: stuffed the mash tun to the gills, double mashed for extra flavour, used premium Irish malt, gone overboard with toasted dark malts and extra roasted barley – all before committing the beer to a month long sentence in Jameson whiskey barrels, courtesy of our friends in Irish Distillers. Together, we may have just caught a glimpse of this rare sight, Blowhard – our White Whale – for your winter drinking pleasure. Short description: aged in Jameson Whiskey Barrels. Style: whiskey barrel-aged Imperial stout. Hops: Nugget Malt: MCI pale ale malt, chocolate malt, oats, roast barley, wheat, Caramunich Strength: 12% ABV Bitterness: 44 IBUS Tasting notes Colour/appearance: dark as the ace of spades, with a light creamy head. Aroma: espresso, chocolate and vanilla up front with a backbone of black liquorice. Flavour: medium bodied with rounded milk chocolate, dried fruit and nut flavours, akin to your favourite Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut Bar. Complex and nutty, with a hint of clove, it’s somewhat akin to Nocino, an Italian liqueur made with fresh walnuts. Dangerously sippable. Aftertaste: gentle boozy warmth and wood at the back of the mouth, with a slight tannic aftertaste. Food pairings This is the kind of beer that can stand up with aplomb to a juicy porterhouse steak, taking on accompaniments like beef dripping chips, roasted marrow bones and béarnaise sauce with ease. Towards the end of the meal, sip it with some creamy Young Buck unpasturised blue cheese

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Limited edition: MAD IPA

Our MAD IPA is a sessionable, hoppy beer, with lots of tropical fruit and citrus flavours, that’s been brewed especially to go with barbecue food. Short description: Mosaic, Amarillo and Denali hops. Style: IPA Hops: Mosaic, Amarillo, Denali. Malt: two row base Irish malt, Cara pils. Strength: 4.5% ABV Bitterness: 44 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: light cloudy haze. Fine white mousse. Medium carbonation. Aroma: lime and pineapple on the nose, underpined with melon skin. Flavour: this tasting was done on a Friday evening and had our brewers waxing lyrical: It’s light and bright The mousse is tight Drink it all night It feels alright. I didn’t feel that I needed to add much else. Aftertaste: a light bitter finish. Food pairings A perfect barbecue beer. Pair with The Big Grill, a sunny day, sunglasses and skewered roasted chicken hearts. Will also go beautifully with a grilled Picanha steak from John Relihan, Ramael Scully’s smoked goat, Kai’s VeganAsFu%k BBQ, smoked Irish trout from Mark O’Brien and Jack May’s red pepper lamb tomahawk. Launch Date: August 2018. Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius Availability: Draught only. Get social: #EDBMADPA

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Limited edition: Phat Phantom Irish Stout aged in Jameson whiskey barrels

An Irish Stout aged in Irish whiskey (with an e) barrels? Pretty Hot And Tempting! Presenting Phat Phantom, which takes the best of Cork whiskey barrels and fills them with the best of Cork craft beer for a magnificent Mitchelstown and Midleton collaboration. With lovely roasted notes, flavours of chocolate and a hint of clove and raisin, this tastes like Christmas pudding magic in a bottle. Style: Dry Irish stout aged in Jameson whiskey barrels Malt: Irish pale malt, dark crystal, roasted barley, chocolate malt, flaked barley, oats. Hops: Fuggles. Strength: 5.5% ABV Bitterness: 41 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: opaque black with a cream head. Aroma: dark dried fruits – predominantly raisins and prunes – dark chocolate, oak. Flavour: a medium body with sweet fruity vanilla notes up front, followed by a measure of sharpness from the dark grains. A touch of hop bitterness and a dry finish of barrel-related tannins. Aftertaste: smooth roasty aftertaste with a subtle whiskey glow. Food pairings Get your hands on some barbecued brisket, cooked low and slow, and put it with Phat Phantom to take the flavours into the stratosphere. It’s also worth trying with a char-grilled flat iron steak, the smoky flavours of the beef playing off the oak in the beer. On the sweeter side of things, try this beer with a creamy coffee ice cream or even a chocolate rum and raisin baked cheesecake; it will cut the richness and let you taste each glorious mouthful anew. Launch Date: August 2018. Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius Availability: 330ml bottles. Get social: #PhatPhantomStout

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Wild Ballyhoura: Hopsfume 100% Brett IPA

About the beer Our ambition is to blend the best characteristics of a great IPA with a wild, rustic farmhouse yeast called Brett, or – to use its full name – Brettanomyces Clausenii. Think bright, hoppy, citrus fruit aromas combining with an unsettling streak of funk to miraculously create a beer that is complex, tart and funky. If it makes you think of something cooked up in a Burco boiler in the backshed of a Big Nothin’ homesteader, then you’re on the right track. Brett scavenges oxygen in the beer, keeping the hop profile fresher and brighter for longer; we’re miles away from a sweaty barnyard animal slumbering on a horse blanket with a half eaten roasted pineapple in his mouth. About the name Arguably the greatest Irish literary work of the twenty first century was written by a Limerickman reared by Cork. City of Bohane by Kevin Barry tells a story of gang warfare in a fictional town many years in the future. This Bohane is a rough spot; the only employment is in meat processing or brewing: “Bohane builds bacon and Bohane builds beer”. In this dystopia we’re back to drinking a narrow range of beers but there’s still brewing happening. (By the way, we didn’t just nick the name; we’ve been in contact with Kevin and he’s happy for us to use it!) Short description: 100% Brett IPA. Style: Brett IPA. Unfined and unfiltered, fermented and aged in stainless. Hops: Citra, Amarillo. Malt: Irish pale ale malt, CaraPils, wheat malt, oat malt. Strength: 8.3% ABV Bitterness: 65 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: Hazy golden yellow, like a Bohane sunrise. Low carbonation. Aroma: An immediate note of fresh, juicy Citra with an undertone of spicy funk. Flavour: Upfront luscious sweet fruit, predominately ripe peaches, while it rolls around in the mouth, returning to that spiky spice, predominately cloves and allspice, underpinned with a salty liquorice

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Summer 2018: Berliner Weiss with Raspberry & Elderflower

We like our fruit-infused sour beers at Eight Degrees, we do, and we like to brew these low ABV beverages especially for the glorious Irish summer. (However short – or long! – it may be.) For our Summer 2018 Berliner Weisse, inspired by what’s growing in the cottage garden, we’re bringing the flavours of tart raspberry and fragrant elderflower to our favourite mixed grain, mixed fermentation, low ABV, sour beer. With a grain base that comprises of 50% malted barley and 50% wheat, we use ale yeast, combined with lacto bacteria, to sour the beer. It’s a fun beer, a sweet and sour summer treat, brewed especially for your next garden party. Short description: Infused with raspberry and elderflower. Style: Berliner Weisse Hops: Saaz, plus raspberry and elderflowers. Malt: Irish lager malt, malted wheat. Strength: 3.7% ABV Bitterness: 6 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: blush pink in the glass, a little cloudy with a voluminous head. Aroma: aromatic top notes of musky, floral elderflower blossoms with a backdrop of sweet red fruit. Flavour: fresh tart raspberry dominates this light bodied beer with a distinctive sweet, heady elderflower presence. It’s a well balanced, thirst quenching, summer refresher. Aftertaste: a slight hint of biscuity malt in the finish. Food pairings What are you eating outside in the garden? Serve this deliciously tart, low ABV beer in champagne flutes and see how well it works with all kinds of summertime food. It will cut through the richness of maple-glazed halloumi cheese kebabs or dukkah-spiced chicken drumsticks, play nicely with lamb koftas and enhance the herbs in big bowls of tabbouleh salad. Try it alongside a platter of Irish strawberries, ripe tomatoes and Toonsbridge burrata for a memorable pairing. Serve with a bowl of ripe summer fruit for a simple ending to a meal. If you’ve got your own homemade elderflower cordial, add to taste then freeze in ice pop containers

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ABVFest collaboration: Hoop du Jour

When the good folk at ABVFest got in contact with us to talk about doing a collab brew for the 2018 festival, we didn’t hesitate. We’ve been going to this fabulous, little – in the best kind of way – festival since it started. Held in the Carlisle Memorial Church in Belfast, it’s always been a brilliant opportunity to meet and learn from other brewers, discover new beers and breweries and catch up with friends. This year’s #ABVFest18 takes place on Friday 31 August and Saturday 1 September 2018 and tickets are available at Don’t miss it! Short description: Session IPA Style: Session IPA Hops: Denali, Enigma, Amarillo. Malt: Irish pale ale malt, CaraPils, oat malt, lactose. Strength: 4% ABV Bitterness: 37 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: very light golden straw. Aroma: dank resinous hop aroma. Flavour: silky and full-bodied with rich red fruit flavours that are particularly redolent of raspberry and redcurrant. Aftertaste: bitter pine in the finish that doesn’t hang around. Launch Date: Summer 2018. Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius Availability: bottles and kegs. Get social: #HoopduJourIPA Read more: ABVFEST BEER ON SALE NOW!

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