Christmas 2018 releases: Trespass Dark Farmhouse Ale with Blackberries & Blowhard Imperial Stout aged in Jameson Barrels

Eight Degrees Brewing - 2018 Wild Ballyhoura Gift Box - Trespass and HopsfumeTrespass Dark Farmhouse Ale with Blackberries 7.5% ABV
Blowhard Imperial Stout aged in Jameson Barrels 12% ABV

Following from the success of our barrel-aged releases from 2017 (The Holly King and The Oak King) and 2016 (The Dukes of Burgundy trilogy), we are releasing a brace of barrel-aged beauties for Christmas 2018.

Trespass Dark Farmhouse Ale with Blackberries 7.5% ABV
In September 2017 we did a special collaboration brew with the renowned author and co-owner of Heretic Brewing in San Francisco, Jamil Zainasheff. Collaborations are all about exploring new possibilities, challenging one another to push boundaries. Jamil – author of Yeast and Brewing Classic Styles – has done it all. So we looked local and, in keeping with the grand saison tradition of brewing with what’s at hand, we developed a recipe to take advantage of the plentiful supply of ripe blackberries growing wild in the nearby Ballyhoura mountains.

For one of our most complex beers ever, we brewed a Belgian farmhouse-style ale, with premium Irish malt, Bavarian specialty malt, English hops, and a mixed fermentation comprising a saison yeast for primary with Brettanomyces yeast as a secondary fermentation. We aged this in Burgundy pinot noir and chardonnay wine barrels for 13 months, then added even more blackberries to create a rich, dark and complex blackberry farmhouse ale. We called it Trespass: the sweetest blackberries always grow on another man’s bush.

Limited draught.
750ml bottles.

Also available in a 2 x 750ml bottle gift pack with Hopsfume Brett IPA, our complex, tart and funky 100% Brett IPA, which takes its name from Limerick author Kevin Barry’s dystopian debut, City of Bohane.

Blowhard Imperial Stout aged in Jameson Whiskey Barrels 12% ABV
In brewing circles, trying to create a rare, best of breed beer is called a White Whale. In the same way that Captain Ahab became maniacally obsessed with chasing the elusive Moby Dick, our brewers have taken a deep dive into the black to create the beer that we affectionately call Blowhard.

We have taken a classic Imperial Stout and blown all the best bits out of proportion: stuffed the mash tun to the gills, double mashed for extra flavour, used premium Irish malt, gone overboard with toasted dark malts and extra roasted barley – all before committing the beer to a month long sentence in Jameson whiskey barrels, courtesy of our friends in Irish Distillers. Together, we may have just caught a glimpse of this rare sight, Blowhard – our White Whale – for your winter drinking pleasure. Only 1,000 litres produced.

Very limited draught.
330ml bottles.

More information
Limited edition: Wild Ballyhoura: Trespass Dark Farmhouse Ale
Limited edition: Blowhard Imperial Stout aged in Jameson Whiskey Barrels
Limited edition: Wild Ballyhoura: Hopsfume 100% Brett IPA

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