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#2 Blue Ball Coffee-Infused Vienna Lager with Badger & Dodo

Eight Degrees is turning eight this year. To celebrate eight years of brewing, we are producing eight exciting and innov8ing beers throughout 2019, many of them collaborations with acclaimed craft breweries or with quality local producers. These eight unique beers will form part of our exciting and colourful RACK EM’ UP series.

Eight Years. Eight Beers. Eight Collabs.

People who love great beer love great coffee. For our #2 collab, we’ve joined up with good friends and local coffee roastery Badger & Dodo, which was set up by Aussie Brock down the road from us in Fermoy, Co Cork, in 2008.

The initial brief was simple – ABS: Anything But Stout – so we decided to go for a lighter beer style. This Vienna Lager uses three classic continental malts – Vienna, Munich and Pilsner – to highlight the nuances in the coffee. After some cupping at Badger & Dodo HQ, we decided on a natural process Ethiopian coffee. Using cold brew to draw out the red berry flavours with little bitterness, we finished with some espresso additions in the conditioning phase for a final flourish.

Style: Coffee-infused Vienna Lager
Malt: Vienna, Munich. Pilsner
Hops: a trace of Nugget.
ABV: 4.5%
IBUs: 16

Tasting notes
Colour/appearance: sunshine gold in the glass, on the lighter side of a classic Vienna lager.
Aroma: there is a distinct toasty malt biscuit note to the fore, followed by a distinct coffee aroma as the beer warms up. Think along the lines of digestive biscuits that disintegrate as you’re dunking them into your coffee (but that you scoop out and eat anyway.)
Flavour: this is a refreshing and invigorating sipper, with plenty of malty sweetness balanced by gentle coffee bitterness. The symphony of continental biscuity malts that was assembled to brew this beer comes through strongly at the start, starting with digestive biscuit and moving into Café Noir territory. It has the smooth mouthfeel that’s associated with cold brew and a subtle bitterness from the coffee, with underlying soft fruit notes of strawberry and grape emerging as it comes towards room temperature.
Aftertaste: lingering fruity coffee aftertaste with a little bitterness. Very drinkable.

Food Pairings
Pair this continental café lager with a coffee house table in the sunshine and a copy of Der Standard, Die Welt or even Le Figaro. That being unavailable, we’d recommend it as an aperitif, with salted almonds to play off the sweet almond notes in the beer, or with a whipped goat’s cheese salad, using Bluebell Falls, St Tola or Ardsallagh for preference. Try it with a chocolate digestive biscuit to play on the sweet malty notes.

Launch Date: April 2019.
Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius
Availability: 440ml cans, limited draught.
Get social: #BlueBallViennaLager

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