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We have brewed a rich chocolate stout with coffee-like aromatics and aged it in 25-year-old Bushmill whiskey barrels generously provided by the Teeling Whiskey Company. After months of aging it is ready to bottle.

A sneaky taste reveals an incredible smooth sweet whiskey nose and oak character with a chocolaty and bitter roasted finish. It’s coming in at around 6.5% ABV.

We’re very excited.

Can you help us name this All-Irish limited release collaboration beer?
Entries via Facebook, Twitter or by email to cam@eightdegrees.ie

The LUCKY person who provides the chosen name will receive…

  • A case of this delicious barrel-aged stout (24 bottles of it)
  • 6 Eight Degrees branded Cervoise-style glasses – very fancy
  • A cool and hip Eight Degrees t-shirt

Unfortunately we can only send this prize to addresses in ROI and NI. If you’re the winner and abroad, you can always pick your favourite Irish-based person to be the recipient. Just think how they’ll welcome you with open arms next time you’re in the country. Might not be any beer left, though.

  1. Beersky

  2. How about the following;
    8 Degrees Irish Coffee Stout
    All Ireland Stout
    Strong Coffee
    Stout Joe
    Stout Java
    Whiskey Stout
    Stout Beans

    Just some ideas. Keep up the great work and Happy New Year to you all!
    Seán Ó Sé

  3. Stoutsky

  4. What about


  5. Poll Dubh

  6. Chockabock




    Whiskey A GoGo

    Frisky Stout

    Distillery Stout

    Hair of the God


  7. Ballyhoura Stomper

  8. Chilled Choco-Coffee Stout ?!?!?!?!

  9. 1. Sugarloaf Stout
    2. Mitchelstown Brown
    3. Super-Craft-Beer-Aged-Like-Whiskey-Chocolatey-Ferocious

  10. Hey guys,

    When will you be choosing the name?

  11. 1. Wailing whiskey stout

    2. Misty whiskey stout

    3. Paddy’s whiskey stout

  12. 4. Frisky with the whiskey stout

    5. Out and about stout

    6. Poitin whiskey in a Stout

  13. Very soon Jacob

  14. D Stout

  15. My suggestion is: Bog Oak

  16. Chocol8

  17. Rye Smile Stout

  18. After Eight

  19. Choclateeling Irish Stout

  20. Seacláid my daddy-o

  21. ‘What do you mocha that?’ Or
    ‘Uisce Mocha’

  22. Chout



  23. How about simply “Bushed” with a suitable sub title? references the source of the casks, the fact that they are old and well used and the antipodean thang 🙂 maybe to simple, but good luck with it, should be a great beer.

  24. Great beers! Some good suggestions so far, here are a few of mine to add to the list:

    •Teeling in the beers
    • Double Malt
    • A few scoops
    • Chocolate scoops
    • Mature rich stout seeks tasteful admirer
    • Java Stout?
    • Chocolate barrel
    • Chocolate barrel, stout reply
    • Stout heart in a whiskey barrel
    • For the stout hearted
    • Black Milis Barrel


  25. Grandad’s Whiskey Barrel Stout

    Tweed Jacket Whiskey Barrel Stout

    Shaleighleigh Stout

    Spiked Espresso Stout

    Coffy’s Chocolate Stout
    (after 1973 Blaxsploitation heroine)

    Closing Time Whiskey Barrel Stout

  26. It’s Cold Out Stout.

  27. ‘Tis Rough Out Stout?

  28. It’s Cold Out Stout
    ‘Tis Rough Out Stout
    Walkabout Stout
    The Black Stuff

  29. How about..

    Malted Choc

    Malted Choc-sky

  30. The Dark Night

  31. Irish Coffee Stout

  32. Night Porter

  33. old oak

  34. Choc Oak Stout
    Dark Oak Stout

  35. Sorry or Smooth Oak Stout

  36. Irish Blessed Stout

  37. Roll out the barrel

  38. Dark Secret Stout

  39. “Teeling in the beers” is pretty good!

  40. great ales/porter folks, (knock me down porter} would be great if you could get more quality ales and porters like your in pubs in galway. keep up the great work

  41. Genteel Irish Stout

  42. “Borrowed Barrel Stout”

    “Louth Mouth Stout” (Are Teeling operating out of Louth at the moment?)

    “Short and Stout”

    Really looking forward to this one!

  43. Stout Fellow

    Chocolate Barrel Stout

    Chocobarrel Stout

    Keep up the good work lads!

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