Eight Degrees Brewing - Double Irish IIPA PNGThe Double Irish is back. The bigger, bolder brother of our much loved, multi-award winning The Full Irish Single Malt IPA has returned – with an extra hint of mischievousness thrown in.

Using 100% premium Irish malted barley, this elegant unadorned malt profile allows us to showcase all that’s great about New World hops. With Enigma and Mosaic joining Citra and Amarillo, this really is a showcase for these heavy hitting hops. Expect a tropical fruit explosion with plenty of residual pine hop flavours. Big, bold – and naturally adventurous.

(Still goes really well with a Dutch sandwich.)

Short description: Heavy hitting hops of the New World.
Style: Double IPA
Hops: Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, Enigma
Malt: Irish pale ale malt, Irish lager malt
ABV: 8.8%. All the eights!
IBUs: 98 IBUs

Tasting notes
Colour/appearance: warm golden colour with a white head.
Aroma: a full-on juicy hop aroma with fruity cantaloupe melon to the fore and a substantial resinous backbone.
Flavour: luscious balanced bitterness. Flavours of dried mango and bitter orange marmalade with a solid pine resin bitterness.
Aftertaste: full bodied with a delicious zesty finish.

Food pairings
Like the last brew, there’s nothing meek or retiring about this beer; something to keep in mind when figuring out what to pair it with! Full-bodied and luscious, we’re going to stick with spatchcocked tandoori chicken, served with a mango / pineapple / chilli / mint salsa, or a spicy Asian pork salad (don’t hold back on the chilli). The sweet mango flavours also work with carrot and pineapple cake and it’s well worth trying with a slab of sticky, fresh ginger gingerbread.

Launch Date: First launched February 2016, re-launched August 2016.
Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius
Availability: 330ml bottles and draught.
Get social: #DoubleIrishDIPA

  1. Dear Sir or Madam.
    I have been trying to taste an alternative to Voll Damm double malt beer brought back from Barcelona.
    I wonder where I could acquire your Double Irish DIPA to taste before buying in quantity.

    Kind Regards.

    Brian Davies
    110 Hillside
    County Wicklow

  2. Hi Brian…the Double Irish was a limited edition beer from 2016 and we don’t have any plans to re-brew it at the moment. We do have an Ochtoberfest Marzan-style beer coming out in the next week, which might be something that you might like. Keep an eye on Twitter (#Ochtoberfest is the hash tag that I use) to see where the beer is. You’ll definitely find it in Brother Hubbard on Capel Street.

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