Enjoy responsibly

This is the official website for Eight Degrees Brewing where you can learn more about how our Irish craft beer is made by a small team in Mitchelstown, Co Cork. At Eight Degrees, we fully support the range of codes governing the marketing, sales, advertising and sponsorship of alcohol products. Our commitment to these codes ensures that all our activities are undertaken with the aim of promoting responsible consumption of our products to an adult audience.

We have an important role to play in promoting our products responsibly to customers and consumers.

We love hearing from you on social media but, as part of our commitment to promoting responsible drinking, we expect that you won't post comments, photos, videos or other type of content which:

  • Feature any people under the legal drinking age or those who appear to be under the legal drinking age.
  • Is made by someone under the legal drinking age.
  • Encourages underage purchase, drinking of alcoholic beverages and/or irresponsible or immoderate drinking.
  • Encourages any sort of inappropriate or violent behaviour.

User generated content policy
User posts which conflict with any of the above criteria will be removed and we will be forced to block any associated accounts.

For further reading on responsible drinking guidelines please check out Pernod Ricard’s Commitments on Responsible Hosting or drinkaware.ie.


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