FREE T-Shirt Competition

How to claim your ‘Don’t Drink Beer from Strangers’ T-shirt

EASY: Simple post into us four barcodes from the bottom of any of our six-packs and we will send you a free t-shirt.

REMEMBER: to give us your name and address and importantly your t-shirt size. The t-shirts do tend to be on the smallish side so keep that in mind.

OFFER ENDS: 15 December 2012 (delivered to Eight Degrees, Mitchelstown)

POST TO: Eight Degrees Brewing, Unit 3, Coolnanave, Mitchelstown, Co Cork


LIMITATIONS: We know nobody will try to exploit our generosity…. but just in case: T Shirts will only be sent to addresses in ROI and NI. Only one T Shirt per person, per address and per stamped envelope (i.e. you will only get one T shirt even you stuff hundreds of bar codes in the envelope!!)

If you can’t be bothered collecting 4 barcodes, you can buy the t-shirts for 15 euros. We accept cash, cheques or bank transfer. email us for details at

  1. Hi Cam,
    …. where can I get 8degree barcodes in Zurich?

  2. Will be in Mitchelstown Monday after next.. Shirt coming my way.

  3. wil be in Mitchelstown Monday after next. Shirt coming my way…

  4. Nice one!
    So now there will be a 3rd type of person who looks at the bottom of beer boxes!
    Need to raid my green bin, there are at least 3 in it..

  5. Do they still have 6 packs in tesco Mitchelstown?. Must pop in later and get 4. Might hand deliver the envelope 🙂

  6. They do Derek

  7. I completely forgot there was a deadline for this, I suppose its too late to send in my barcodes now? I’ve had them sitting at home for a couple of weeks now and just never got around to sending them off

  8. Send them in peter, we’ll make an exception for you

  9. Ah jesus, me too! didn’t realise there was a deadline for this! Can i still send them in?

  10. Ok Owen, we’re feeling festive, send ’em in.

  11. Got my fab 8 degrees T-shirt as a Christmas present from my best bud (sic) in beer adventures…. plus some awesome Howling Gale Ale to ring in the new year… Im converted!! Totally love it!

  12. That’s great, enjoy

  13. Hi Guys..

    Will you be extending your free t-shirts offter into Janruary 2013..
    as I never sent my 4 barcodes off to ye …

  14. Still waiting for mine to arrive 🙁 think the postmans wearing it.

  15. Size suggestion These Gildan fitted women’s t-shirts tend to be on the small size, so if in doubt it’s probably worth going up a size. Due to popular demand we now stock size 16.

  16. My t shirt never arrived.

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