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Eight Degrees is turning eight this year. To celebrate eight years of brewing, we are producing eight exciting and innov8ing beers throughout 2019, many of them collaborations with the world’s best craft breweries or with quality local producers. These eight unique beers will form part of our exciting and colourful RACK EM’ UP Series.

Eight Years. Eight Beers. Eight Collabs.

RACK ‘EM UP Series: #6 Green Ball Belgian-style IPA
6.5% ABV

We first met Breandán Kearney of Siphon Brewing at Belfast’s ABV Fest, although our beer paths had crossed previously. A Belgium-based, Warrenpoint-bred beer writer, he also helms the experimental Siphon, which Ratebeer named Belgium’s best new brewery for 2017.

At Eight Degrees we are known for our hoppy IPAs; when we wanted to brew a Belgian-style IPA, we turned to the man with yeast expertise. On Breandán’s advice, we used a strain of one of his favourite Belgian-style ale yeasts and he travelled to Mitchelstown to oversee the brew.

Starting from a classic Pilsner malt base, we have Vic Secret and Equinox bringing stone fruit and tropical flavours, with a New World Super Noble hop flourish from Loral. But this beer is all about the yeast: with a lemony, orangey ester profile, flavours of citrus, lemongrass and white pepper predominate. It’s bold, complex and sophisticated – just like our brewers.

Style: Belgian-style IPA
Malt: Pilsner malt base with a hint of Caramunich, Athgarrett oats and wheat.
Hops: Vic Secret, Equinox, Loral.
ABV: 6.5
IBUs: 43

Tasting notes
Colour/appearance: bright gold and briskly carbonated with a rocky head.
Aroma: full on fruit at first, with everything else coming in behind: lots of floral, spicy and mint herbal notes.
Flavour: this is a hugely complex beer with a full mouthfeel and lots of sweet, sophisticated ripe stone fruit, specifically apricots. Lush tropical flavours with saison undertones and spiced orange flavours. 
Aftertaste: spicy lemon sherbet bitterness.

Food Pairings
This is a good beer to have on its own so that you can appreciate its full complexity. That said, if you are hungry, pair it with a sharp mature cheddar, like Hegarty’s cheddar or Sheridan’s 15 Fields Cheddar from Knockanore. It’s also a brilliant contrast with something like Boyne Valley Blue goat cheese or Young Buck from Mike Thomson in Northern Ireland. On the sweet side, have it with a blackberry or peach tart to complement the sophisticated sweetness of the beer.

Launch Date: September 2019.
Serving temperature:
 8 degrees Celsius
Availability: 440ml cans, limited draught.
Get social: #GreenBallBelgianIPA

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  1. Can you send me a recipe of this, I’m a home brewer and miss this drink, it’s lovely

  2. Hi Karl, just talking to the brewers there and I have a list of ingredients that I’ll email to you directly. Happy brewing!

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