Documentary on Newstalk - Rise of The BrewIf you’re figuring out your listening for the next few days – podcasts make every repetitive job better!* – Newstalk documentary Rise of The Brew is well worth downloading.

Presented by Mary Brophy and produced/edited by Neal Boyle, the documentary first got an airing in February 2015. We were in the car, appropriately enough en route home from a beer festival, that morning so were able to listen (and live tweet) the whole unfolding story.

It was rebroadcast for St Patrick’s Day last week, which gave us a chance to revisit all those familiar voices. And remember the difficulties back at the start.

Eight Degrees features, from Cam and Scott realising that they had beer in common to dumping our first brew back in 2011 – now that was heartbreaking – to setting up what Mary calls a warren of stainless steel. Oh, the memories! And the long days, and the not knowing how to get beer into kegs. That was 2011 – just five years ago. Feels like a hell of a lot longer.

You’ll also hear from the likes of Metalman, Kinnegar, 12 Acres, O’Hara’s, Porterhouse, Cotton Ball, O’Brother Brewing – lots of great beers.

Well worth a listen.


* think working the bottling line, stacking pallets of beer, boxing up bottles, sluicing floors, scrubbing kegs…

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