Eight Degrees Brewing: Cyclone IPA & Hurricane IPA
Who has the best hops in the world?

With an Aussie, a Kiwi and three Irishmen working at Eight Degrees Brewing, there’s always a lot of…erm…debate. It could be about sports, it could be about weather – it could even be about hops.

The best hops in the world? Cam and Scott think it’s the Southern Hemisphere. The Irish Eight Degrees team of Mike, John and Paudy think it’s the Northern Hemisphere; the girls are wisely staying out of this bitter dispute. The solution: a good old fashioned HOP OFF.

That’s right. We’ve brewed two versions of a hoppy IPA – a Howling Gale on steroids, if you will. Team Ireland went for a selection of American hops, including Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic; the Antipodeans decided on NZ Motueka hops – grown close to Scott’s hometown – and Pacifica, along with what Cam describes as “sexy Ella” from Australia.

You get to decide who wins: vote for your favourite brew here.



Team Aus/NZ
CYCLONE IPA 7% ABV, available in 330ml bottles and on draught
Originating in the South Pacific, this storm rotates clockwise, opposite to a Hurricane. This IPA contains generous helpings of Down Under hops: NZ Pacifica, NZ Motueka and Aussie Ella. That means complex orange, grapefruit and spice notes and South Pacific brewing heaven. Batten down the hatches; this brew will knock your socks off.

Team Ireland
HURRICANE IPA 7% ABV, available in 330ml bottles and on draught
A tropical storm originating in the North Atlantic Ocean, it rotates in the opposite direction to a Cyclone. This IPA only uses punchy American hops: Simco, Citra and Mosaic giving a fruit, lemon and pine taste bomb. Get it now while it’s Hurricane season – this Category Five brew will do more than tickle the taste buds.

  1. Mix bag of results…lots of positives for both so far but cyclone probably winning for now by a few points. However we think Cam and Scott had unfair advantage using the subconscious punishment tool of a big mad shovel in the video if they didn’t vote for cyclone

  2. I’m not sure it was altogether subconscious…

  3. We admire the Irish lads lack of need for potential violence so Northern is our vote!

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