Amber-Ella was supposed to be a one-night stand, a here-today, gone-when-it’s-gone festival special brewed for last September’s Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival. We were pretty proud of the way that Amber-Ella came out and decided a few months ago to do another batch.

On Friday we got the labels for the brew that’s happening in on Wednesday. On Saturday morning we woke up to this very happy tweet from Beoir:


This was what John had to say on the Beoir forum:

“The 2014 Beer of the Year walked away with it by a huge margin, and that is:
Of Foam And Fury by Galway Bay Brewery

The two runners up were very close to each other, but both streets ahead of the rest of the pack. And they are:
First runner-up: Amber Ella by Eight Degrees Brewing
Second runner-up: Metalman Pale Ale by Metalman Brewing”

A special congrats to Galway Bay for winning the Beoir Beer of the Year 2014 with their powerhouse Foam and Fury. And a big thank you to all at Beoir for voting – and for drinking Irish craft beer.

So…another batch of Amber-Ella will be hitting shelves and draught outlets end of February.

More on Amber-Ella
1 October 2013: Limited edition: Amber-Ella
Specially brewed for the recent Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival, our Amber-Ella was a bit of a hit that weekend and it’s now available in bottles and on draught at various independent off licences and hostelries.


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