Eight Degrees Brewing - Gasman Rye IPAFebruary 2015: Limited edition release

Gasman is a hop-forward rye ale with plenty of Aussie aroma hops, including a rare gem named Topaz. Topaz is a child of the 80s but when treated right she exudes a superb aroma of light tropical fruit with a hint of lychee.

The name?
Ode to Willie: Willie is a gasman, and our gas man, always with a smile on his face and a joke to share. He rolls up to the brewery to deliver the fuel to drive the boiler to make the beer that you like best.

Willie is the quintessential Irish gasman, able to brighten every day with his infectious chuckle. This beer is dedicated to Willie.

Short description: rye IPA – tropical fruit – lingering spice

Style: Rye IPA
Malt: Irish pale malt, crystal malt, rye malt
Hops: Topaz, Vic Secret
Strength: 7.8% ABV
Bitterness: 68 IBUs

Tasting notes
Colour/appearance: a dark golden colour in the glass, good retention with a fluffy head.
Aroma: deliciously concentrated aroma of passion fruit with lychee and lime.
Flavour: bold, full bodied tropical pineapple and melon flavour balanced with a deep pine resin.
Aftertaste: lingering peppery spice.

Food pairings: with enough body to stand up to chilli heat and a peppery aftertaste, this is the beer to have with spicy Thai and Vietnamese food. Try a Thai beef red curry with eggplant, Bánh mì (with lots of chillis) or bo kho (a Vietnamese beef stew).

Launch Date: February 2015
Serving temperature: 8 degrees celsius
Availability: Bottles and draught (30L and 50L kegs)

  1. Oh my god. Willie is my uncle 🙂

  2. You should have heard him laugh when the lads suggested it to him! Gasman indeed.

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