Eight Degrees Brewing - Neon Velvet FPAThis Fruity Pale Ale, infused with kiwifruit and lime, has bright, vibrant hop aromas, coupled with a juicy, silky mouthfeel that pays homage to the New England IPA style. We’ve crammed it with aroma hops Citra and Amarillo, dry hopped with New Zealand’s finest – Pacific Jade and Motueka – and infused it with kiwifruit plus a dash of lime. Everything’s gone (just a little) green.

Short description: hazy, silky, fruity

Style: Fruit Pale Ale
Hop: Citra, Amarillo, Pacific Jade and Motueka
Malt: two-row Irish malt, oats, wheat.
Strength: 5% ABV
Bitterness: 39 IBUs

Tasting notes
Colour/appearance: brewed with oats and wheat, this unfiltered beer is hazy in the glass with a white foamy head.
Aroma: fruity, with some lime notes. The fruit aromas open up more as the beer warms.
Flavour: juicy sweetness from aroma hops, balanced by soft acidity from the fruit. It’s a smooth and juicy drop.
Aftertaste: soft fruity acidity on the palate.

Food pairings:
The acidity of the fruit in this beer makes it an idea pairing with a potato dish. A pile of boxty pancakes, served with smoked salmon would work well, the juicy flavours of the beer cutting through the smoky fish and brightening the potato pancakes. In a similar vein, a bowl of steaming colcannon, flecked with curly kale and scallions, would work well with a glass of Neon Velvet. Fish chowder is a perfect match, as the beer will cut through the creamy soup and complement the sweetness of the fish. A chunk of good Irish farmhouse cheddar will play off the fruit flavours in both elements of the pairing.

Launch Date: February 2018.
Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius
Availability: CANS, bottles and draught (30L and 50L kegs)
Get social: #NeonVelvetFPA
For more information: https://www.eightdegrees.ie/neon-velvet-FPA

  1. Will this be at alltech craft beer festival next weekend. Looking forward to it. Would love free tickets!!

  2. We won’t be there, Sheila. Hope you enjoy the event!

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