Summer 2014: Single hop series – Simcoe Rye Ale

Head brewer Mike’s favourite hop in the world is, without a doubt, Simcoe from Yakima Valley in Washington, US. To showcase this wonderful hop we have combined it with a subtle red rye ale. The classic Simcoe tangerine and passion fruit aroma are on full display here and interplay nicely with the spicy/peppery rye malt base. Is your mouth watering yet? Style: Rye Ale Malt: Irish pale malt, crystal malt, rye malt Hops: Simcoe Strength: 6% ABV Bitterness: 59 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: golden colour, fluffy off-white head with good retention. Aroma: intense aromas of pine, tangerine and passion fruit. Flavour: big bold tangerine peel flavour, peppery rye spice at the tip of your tongue. Good balance between full-flavoured hop and the crystal/rye malts. Aftertaste: smooth and lingering spice Food pairings: this is one to savour all by itself. Launch Date: July 2014 Serving temperature: 8 degrees celsius Availability: Bottles and draught (30L and 50L kegs) Now available – draught The Salt House, Galway The Friary, Cork THe Bierhaus, Cork Darkey Kellys Pub, Dublin 8 The Magpie Inn, Dalkey, Co Dublin Against the Grain, Dublin 2 Porterhouse Temple Bar, Dublin 2 Bull & Castle, Dublin 2 JW Kavanaghs, Dublin 1 The Norseman (formerly Farringtons), Dublin 2 An Bodhran, Mitchelstown, Co Cork Now available – bottles Brick Alley Cafe, Dublin 2 Bradleys Off Licence, Cork City Mortons, Dublin 6

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Single Hop Series – Vic Secret

It’s no secret that Eight Degrees are pure hop heads and we always seek to understand these beautiful flowers and their individual flavours and aromas better. Our brewers have selected three of the sexiest hops from around the globe (well, Australia, New Zealand and Yakima Valley in the US) and paired them with a beer style that best reflects their characteristics. For best results, pour beer into a tall glass, get your nose in there, close your eyes and inhale. The aroma will transport you to those sunny hop origins. The Vic Secret hop, named after a beautiful state in Australia, has long been on Cam’s brewing wish list. Only released in 2013, this new hop variety has quickly become renowned in the craft brewing world for its clean, resinous, tropical fruit notes, rivaling one of our other favourite Aussie hops, Galaxy. Style: Black IPA Malt: Irish pale malt, Carafa III Hops: Vic Secret Strength: 6% ABV Bitterness: 52 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: black in the glass with off-white creamy head. Light carbonation. Aroma: a hop-forward ale, with bold, seductive passion fruit, lychee and pineapple fruit aromas. Flavour: bitter fruit with a subtle dark malt body. Aftertaste: a complex bitterness on the finish that leaves you wanting more. Food pairings: put some spice with this black IPA, something like a deep, dark black bean chilli or one of Green Saffron’s full-flavoured Rogan Josh or Tandoori curries. Launch Date: First launched¬†July in 2014, re-released October 2015. Serving temperature: 8 degrees celsius Availability: Bottles and draught (30L and 50L kegs) Reviews ‘It’s an incredible experience and it’s hard to believe that all that colour comes from just one hop variety. The finish is long and bitter, and I honestly couldn’t say if that’s a result of the big hops or the roasted

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Summer Series 2014: ¡Olé Olé! and Amber-Ella

Looks like summer has arrived (for the moment, at least!) and Eight Degrees Brewing is ready and raring to take on that sunshine. We’ve got a great sequence of limited edition special brews coming out over the next few weeks, kicking off this week with our World Cup brew ¡Olé Olé! This is a Belgian-style witbier, which will be hitting taps in draught outlets this weekend. It’s a refreshing summer wheat beer, spiced with coriander, orange peel and a touch of black pepper, making a sessionable pint that can be enjoyed with World Cup action. Or just while sitting outside in the sun. Also making the big comeback this week is our World Beer Cup medal-winning Amber-Ella. It’s big, fruity and hoppy, an American amber ale, balancing a deep burnt toffee malt base with bitter tangerine and pine needle hop aromas. Back now on draught and in bottles from your friendly independent off licence. Form an orderly queue now, please.

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Summer Series 2014: The return of Hurricane IPA

It’s back! We’re delighted to announce the re-release of our popular Hurricane IPA. This was first released to rave reviews in September 2013, as part of the “Hop Off” IPA duo. The drinking public was asked to vote on their favourite and Hurricane – despite strong opposition from the Antipodean-hopped Cyclone – was the one chosen. Hurricane IPA (5.8%) A hurricane is a tropical storm originating in the North Atlantic Ocean, rotating in the opposite direction to a cyclone. This IPA showcases punchy American hops – Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic – making it a fruit, lemon and pine taste bomb. Get it now while it’s Hurricane season: this Category Five brew will do more than tickle the taste buds. Tasting notes: Colour/appearance: pours a deep orange colour. Aroma: intense aroma of mango and passionfruit. Flavour: the juicy tropical fruit aroma carries through to the tastebuds, with strong hop flavours of mango, stone fruit and passionfruit along with some resinous pine notes. There is a good biscuit malt backbone to balance out the aromatic hops. Food pairings: this aromatic ale works wonders with spicy Mexican flavours. Try it with the legendary Cochinita Pibil from A Mexican Cook and you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. ABV: 5.8% Launch Date: early May 2014 Availability: 330ml bottles and on draught (30L and 50L kegs). You can read/watch more on the original Hop Off competition here: It’s a hop off! Hurricane IPA vs Cyclone IPA

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Presenting…The Full Irish!

Eight Degrees Brewing - The Full Irish - April 2014

100% single Irish malt. 100% made using our new grain silo and mill. 100% bare naked Irish malted barley, no specialty malt. 100% American aroma hops. 100% only on draught in Dublin, Cork and Galway. 100% Full Monty promotional pix. 100% Caroline’s idea for the photo shoot. 100% The Full Irish IPA (6% ABV) Arriving on taps this weekend in… Cork Bierhaus Franciscan Well Easterfest Galway Satlhouse Dublin 57 The Headline Against the Grain Bull and Castle Farringtons Temple Bar JW Sweetman Porterhouse Temple Bar

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Amber Ella takes bronze at the World Beer Cup

World Beer Cup win for Eight Degrees Brewing

We’re still a bit stunned. On Friday night in Denver, one of our beers, the rather lovely Amber Ella, won a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup, the brewing world’s Olympics. For a small little upstart brewery from rural Ireland to enter into one of the most prestigious beer awards in America, into one of the two of their most sought after categories and win bronze is a massive shock – on a par with the 1976 Judgement of Paris! – and we hope it will cause Irish craft beer to become a lot more recognised internationally. We are one of the very few European breweries to get onto that medal board. We’re standing alongside our heroes in the international craft beer world. With a very large grin. Read more: It’s all about the Amber Ella, Baby Cam spoke to Conall O Morain on Today FM’s Sunday Business Show about the win, brewing in Mitchelstown and our new beer, The Full Irish. You can listen to the podcast here and you’ll find Cam about 46 minutes into the show.

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McKennas’ Guides review

Eight Degrees Brewing - McKennas Guides

“They are the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of craft brewing…” writes John McKenna in his review of Eight Degrees Brewing. Cam and Scott are now arguing over who gets to be Jon and who has to be Stephen. Read the review here: Profile of Scott from 2012 here:

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It’s all about the Amber-Ella, baby

Amber-Ella was supposed to be a one-night stand, a here-today, gone-when-it’s-gone festival special brewed for last September’s Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival. We were pretty proud of the way that Amber-Ella came out and decided a few months ago to do another batch. On Friday we got the labels for the brew that’s happening in on Wednesday. On Saturday morning we woke up to this very happy tweet from Beoir: 1st runner-up prize goes to Amber Ella by @8degreesbrewing and 2nd runner-up is @metalmanbrewing Pale Ale. Congratulations to the winners! – Beoir (@BeoirOrg) February 1, 2014   This was what John had to say on the Beoir forum: “The 2014 Beer of the Year walked away with it by a huge margin, and that is: Of Foam And Fury by Galway Bay Brewery The two runners up were very close to each other, but both streets ahead of the rest of the pack. And they are: First runner-up: Amber Ella by Eight Degrees Brewing Second runner-up: Metalman Pale Ale by Metalman Brewing” A special congrats to Galway Bay for winning the Beoir Beer of the Year 2014 with their powerhouse Foam and Fury. And a big thank you to all at Beoir for voting – and for drinking Irish craft beer. So…another batch of Amber-Ella will be hitting shelves and draught outlets end of February. More on Amber-Ella 1 October 2013: Limited edition: Amber-Ella Specially brewed for the recent Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival, our Amber-Ella was a bit of a hit that weekend and it’s now available in bottles and on draught at various independent off licences and hostelries.

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Food and beer pairing for Christmas dinner

Who says that wine has to always feature on the Christmas dinner table? You could decide to buy Irish – never mind those foreign wine imports! – and match beer with your seasonal meal. Start simply – no need to peak too soon – with our Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner. Light, crisp and just 4%, chill it well and confound expectations by serving it in champagne flutes. Hand it out to your assorted family/friends/aged aunts as they arrive for dinner (or slave in the kitchen!) as a light aperitif, an alternative opener to a meal where you’ll confound their food and beer expectations. If you’re going to have a few mouthfuls of something to eat at this stage, we would recommend a dozen glorious Irish oysters, shucked and slurped with due care. When it’s time to sit and eat, the starter in our house is always smoked salmon. It’s worth splashing out for something really special from Ummera or the Burren Smokehouse. You won’t need much – just a few folds draped on the plate alongside some winter salad and some thin-cut, buttered brown soda or rye bread. This is where you bring on Howling Gale Ale. Lots of hoppy aroma – yes, make your guests smell the beer, just like wine – some malty sweetness and a decent amount of citrus which will cut through the rich oily fish. It will even take the marie-rose sauce in its stride, should you have anyone in the family (yes, Dad!) who’s enthralled with the stuff. Onwards to the main event: it’s got to be a whole roast turkey with all, all the trimmings. There are slices of honey and mustard roast ham falling from the knife, a large bowl of red cabbage braised with apples and cranberries, logs of random roasted veg

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Back to Black: Zeus Black IPA, Aztec Stout, Russian Imperial Stout

Eight Degrees Brewing - Back to Black labels: Aztec Stout, Russian Imperial Stout, Zeus Black IPA

We are celebrating the dark malts with this trilogy of experimental beers designed to warm the winter evenings. Our Back to Black Limited edition series is a journey of discovery, taking us on a trip through ancient civilizations, Greek mythology and Imperial Russian courts. For your enjoyment we have brewed a smooth, silky chocolate stout spiced with chilies, vanilla and a touch of cinnamon; a heavy hitting Russian Imperial stout to warm those winter evenings; and a punchy black IPA carefully balancing the interplay of dark malts with tropical fruit hop flavours and a spicy bite. Don’t be afraid of the dark… Zeus Black IPA ABV 7.0% This beer is designed to challenge your preconceptions: it looks like a rich dark porter but tastes like a punchy IPA. This Black IPA uses Zeus hops from the Yakima valley and Ella hops from Australia. Think pine resins, citrus and tropical fruit aroma with a spicy bite. Close your eyes, take a sip and let your taste buds take over. With food: This is hop central – pine resins, citrus and tropical fruit aroma with a hint of spice: try it to cut the flavour of an oily fish like salmon or to contrast the sweetness in shellfish. Try it with oysters – the bitterness will work brilliantly with them. Aztec Stout ABV 5.5% The Aztecs were famous for chocolate, chillies, vanilla and human sacrifice*. Ireland: famous for stout. We decided to combine the two. We introduced smoky chipotle chillies, from Lily at, cocoa nibs, vanilla pods and a touch of cinnamon to a traditional Irish stout. A healthy amount of oatmeal provides for a smooth silky finish and a touch of cinnamon perfects the brew. The result is a rich warming dark ale to savour. Salud! *NB no humans were

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Eight Degrees at the Guerrilla Gourmet Club

Eight Degrees is off to the Guerilla Gourmet Club on Friday night. The Harvest Dinner is taking place at the Royal College of Surgeons on Stephen’s Green and the menu has been created by Ross Golden Bannon and chef Temple Garner (chef proprietor of San Lorenzo’s Dublin) and there will be some beer and food matching going on. We’ve picked our Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner to go with Kelly’s oysters. This is sharp and dry enough to drink as an chilled aperitif in champagne flutes, with a lovely snappy bitterness that plays off the oysters’ sweetness. Caroline tested this combination, several times, at the Galway Oyster Festival. Sticking with the canapes, we’re putting the Sunburnt Irish Red with Jane Russell’s seasonal Wicklow Venison sausages (with orange zest, harissa, cardamom and port). There will be enough hops to stand up to the spicing and cut through the richness of venison in the sausages. The sweetness of the meat will also be complemented by the roasted caramel flavours. Check out the menu below – we’re looking forward to the matching and the eating! There are a few tickets still available for the dinner at   The Guerrilla Gourmet Club Autumn Harvest Dinner Royal College of Surgeons Friday 15 November Wines kindly supplied by Findlaters Marques de Riscal Rueda & Marques de Riscal ‘1860 Riscal’ Tempranillo Canapes Oysters on the shell from Kelly’s of Galway, served with Eight Degrees Brewing’s Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner Jane Russell’s Wicklow Venison Cocktail Sausages served with Eight Degrees Brewing Sunburnt Irish Red Starter Pheasant consomme with Madeira, truffle and foie gras tortellini * Main course TJ Crow pork porchetta stuffed with apricot and gremolata served with creamed cavolo nero with pancetta and nutmeg, traditional Cavan boxty and cider gravy * Dessert Tarte fin de pomme with frangipane, cinnamon

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Limited edition: Amber-Ella

Specially brewed for the recent Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival, our Amber-Ella was a bit of a hit that weekend and it’s now available in bottles and on draught at various independent off licences and hostelries. For this American Amber Ale, we had our pick of the Aussie hop harvest so it’s all about Galaxy and Ella in this rather special limited edition brew. Cam even wrote a little song: Who is Amber-Ella? Amber-Ella is an enigma. She is that casual glance in the street that makes your heart beat.A free spirit, a whirlwind of excitement and allure, She exudes confidence but is a mystery of intrigue. She’s a roamer, nomad, wanderer, vagabond, call her what you will. She’s like the wind, and will take your breath away. She is the opposite of our faithful wet weather companion, the umber-ella Don’t try and hold on to her, set her free and enjoy the moment. The weird science of her genetic makeup: Malt: Maris Otter, Dark Crystal and Torrified Wheat Hops: Simcoe, Galaxy and Ella ABV: 5.8%

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