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Why Eight Degrees?

Why Eight Degrees? One question we get regularly is why we are called Eight Degrees Brewing Company. Of course there are reasons, firstly we didn’t want to go with a geographical place name nor did we wish to choose an animal for our corporate image (ie the Lucky Duck). We put to you 4 possible reasons for the name Eight Degrees, and we will let you decide which one you like (or dislike) the most. 1) When Scott & I were coming up with the concept to develop a microbrewery in Ireland along similar lines to those established from our native home countries New Zealand & Australia, we looked at a map of Ireland … for inspiration. We noticed the line of longtitute that runs straight down the middle of Ireland happens to be Eight Degrees West, we liked the sound of it, but shortened it to Eight Degrees as it sounded better. Also the nautical theme is appropriate when you consider over 95% of our product is pure Irish mountain river water. 2) Eight Degrees refers to the perfect temperature in which to serve our beers. This temperature will highlight the subtle malt characteristics you can taste on the tip of your tongue whilst balancing our the bitterness of the hops at the finish. 3) We have noticed when people are enjoying our beers, they tend to relax a little, and in doing so tend to lean slightly to one side, favouring one leg over the other slightly bended leg. This relaxed stance on further investigation can be calculated at approximately an 8 degree angle rather than 0 degrees being bolt upright. Of course, should more beers be consumed, this angle can increase dramatically, although we do not encourage this as we remind our consumers to drink responsibly. 4) We all have heard of the 7 days

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Our beer is full of flavour and made from fresh and natural ingredients. What we put into our Beers 1.       Pure Mountain River Water Roughly 95% of the ingredients that goes into making beer is water. But how variable can water be. As it turns out, very. This is why after researching long and hard we chose Mitchelstown, set at the foot of the mighty Galtee Mountains, the water filters through rock down through crystal clear rivers, picking up some necessary mineral deposits along the way, to our door. Just like how soap foams up easier with soft water, brewing with hard or soft water affects how the beer feels in the mouth. 2.       Malted Barley Barley is an agricultural crop and varied from year to year. However the variation in harvest quality is small compared to what happens during the malting process. Once harvested the barley are rock hard little seeds full of starch and enzymes. The malting process soaks the raw barley thereby tricking it into, wow the rains have come, I’m going to become a big barley plant and begins to sprout. After a few days the maltster plays another trick on the unsuspecting barleycorn and stops its growth process by heating it up. Depending on the temperature and length of time, we end up a huge variety of malted barley with different tastes from a pale malt to a dark chocolaty bitter roasted flavour. The malting process modifies the barley and once cracked through a mill is ready to be mashed (see Brewing Process). Malt is sometimes described as the SOUL of beer 3.       Hops Hops are a surprisingly delicate climbing plant called Humulus lupulus.  Such a cool sounding name, it’s not surprising they derive from the same plant family as cannabis. Brewers are only interested

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To arrange a brewery tour give Scott or Cam a call at (025) 84 933 by the way – our brewery is actually built now, it no longer operates off the back of a truck

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