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Ochtober has gone before October

Marzen Ochtoberfest

We had grand plans for our maiden Ochtoberfest. We even had a story:

Ochtoberfest sounds like a German beer festival traditionally held to celebrate the marriage of King Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Bavaria back in 1810. But it is not.

Ochtoberfest is a modern Irish festival celebrating the lucky and infinite nature of this humble numeral. Only beer brewed eight degrees west of Greenwich on the eighth month of the year – and served at precisely eight degrees celsius – can be consumed at the festival.

Eight Degrees Brewing have brewed a Marzen-style beer, which just happens to be the traditional brew of that other festival in Munich. Our Marzen is a full bodied lager, with a deep amber colour, rich toasty malt character and hopped a lot more than Ludwig would like.

We also had plans for the largest Ochtoberfest in North Cork…. Then something happened. No – nothing bad bad, we just ran out of it before we could start having some fun with it. So for now, there is just what you see in our fine outlets.

Some of our good customers are placing some subtle pressure to get brewing and release some in October… we’ll see.

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