Eight Degrees - Orange Ball Fruity Pale AleThe RACK ‘EM UP Series from Eight Degrees Brewing
#5 Orange Ball Fruity Pale Ale with Athgarrett Malt

Eight Degrees is turning eight this year. To celebrate eight years of brewing, we are producing eight exciting and innov8ing beers throughout 2019. These eight unique beers will form part of our exciting and colourful RACK EM’ UP series.

Eight Years. Eight Beers. Eight Collabs.

Summertime at Eight Degrees means one thing…Hawaiian shirts! To stay refreshed in the tropical heat, we needed to brew something juicy. We turned to the experts at Athgarrett Malt, Ireland’s newest maltsters. They provided the wheat and oats which we brewed into a silky, sessionable pale ale, topped off with passion fruit, blood orange and a squeeze of guava for good measure. The Hawaiians call this POG…to us it’s PÓG, a juicy, wet sunshiny smooch! Goes especially well with loud, colourful, print shirts.

Style: Fruity Pale Ale
Malt: Two-row malted Irish barley, Athgarrett oats, Athgarrett wheat. 
Hops: Mandarina Bavaria, Amarillo.
ABV: 3.9
IBUs: 42

Tasting notes
Colour/appearance: distinctly orange with a bouncy white head.
Aroma: full on fruit aroma with passion fruit dominating, underpinned by blood orange.
Flavour: the fruitiness on the nose continues through to the palate, with zesty blood orange marmalade to the fore, followed by sweet passion fruit and a further level of tropical complexity from the guava and citrusy Mandarina Bavaria hops. There’s a solid pithy bitterness coming through, followed by a smoothness from the Athgarrett oat addition. It’s a sessionable breakfast juice of a beer.
Aftertaste: orange bitterness with a biscuity finish.

Food Pairings
With Irish oats, wheat and barley plus passion fruit, blood orange and guava, this is a beer that sounds like the best summertime muesli-in-a-glass that you’ve ever had. Not that we’d be having it for breakfast now. No, we’ll wait until a little later in the day and pair it with a poke bowl of super-fresh marinaded seafood with rice, the fruity bitterness in the beer playing off the sweet fish. We’ll pass on that other Hawaiian speciality of Spam, though.

Launch Date: July 2019.
Serving temperature: 8 degrees Celsius
Availability: 440ml cans, limited draught.
Get social: #OrangeBallFPA

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