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Today’s missive to the crew from the Aussie (Cam generally sends anything involving sports or competitions. Just to make sure that the Kiwi doesn’t win. Not that there’s any air of competition between our Aussie and Kiwi. Oh no. What on earth would give you that impression?)

Dear All,
At Eight Degrees we generally try to makes things as confusing and convoluted as possible, especially when it comes to competitions.

As such, it is not surprising that a week long ‘stewards inquiry’ has delayed the announcement of the winner of the Eight Degrees Six Nations competition.

And to further confuse things, we may even have two winners, and no second place. The only certainty is that Scott yet again collects a wooden spoon, to add to his collection.

So why the delay:
We need to go back to 18th March. With Derek seemingly well in the lead, conservative picks in the final 6 nations round should have been enough to secure victory, but the allure of a 19 /1 draw for France v Wales looks to enticing, so he went for it.

This is where the character and integrity of Paudy, our 6 nations administrator, has come into question, and the reason for a week long inquiry.

1) did he abuse his administrator power and only predict result for himself AFTER full knowledge of Derek’s picks
2) did he prevent Derek from amending his picks once he could see an outcome where Paudy could pip him to the post.

After round 4, Derek was on 13.495 points, Paudy on 11.9825, a margin of 1.5125. By choosing a draw in the France v Wales games, this allowed Paudy to choose France with odds of 1.57 which if he chose the same as Derek in the other two matches would give him the victory by the narrowest of margins being a mere 0.0575.

And other the last three matches of the competition, this is indeed what transpired and Derek snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in what some have described as a coup by Paudy.

However in the interests of fairness, Paudy swiftly declared a joint victory for himself and Derek, a most honorable gesture with winnings going to a social club fund of some description. And no Dan, there is no second place, and nothing for third.

And that concludes the 2017 8 degrees 6 nations comp.

The stewards inquiry have concluded that we shall never again question Paudy’s integrity. On the other hand, trying to get the €10 entry fee from Cam might be a different story.


Response from Paudy:
Glad to hear I’ve been cleared of all charges! Does this mean I can put my hand up to administer the Lions Tour competition in the summer?

(Caroline would just like to point out that she may have beaten everyone – had she been included in the draw. And she may have paid her €10 in cake. Just saying.)

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