#EightDegreesUSA: Florida launch!

It was a cold day before Christmas when we packed the shipping containers. Tight. Right up to the top. (We nearly left a man in there – but he escaped at the last minute.) We sent those beers from cold, cold North Cork, all the way to sunshine and blue skies in Florida over there in the US of A. And now our Aussie is poised to follow them. He’s heading over there for the official American launch of our beer on Wednesday, 21 February at The Vault, in Tampa, Florida. It’s a meet the brewers and taste the beers kind of evening – Cam will be on hand with our Sunburnt Irish Red Ale and the Full Irish Single Malt IPA. He promises that he won’t skive off and visit Disneyland while he’s there. We believe him. Honest. Follow the story: EightDegreesUSA

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