May 2015: Limited edition – Nelson Sauvin Saison

Possibly one of the hardest hops to track down is the hugely popular Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand, and with good reason. Hailing from Nelson himself, Scott had to call in some local favours to secure us a supply of their gorgeous hop flowers. Nelson Sauvin hops have all of the white grape and gooseberry flavours associated with its namesake grape. We have decided to showcase these characteristics by replicating the traditional fruit additions to a subtle Saison malt base with Nelson Sauvin hops for a modern hoppy take on the traditional Saison style. How does it taste? Sweet as, bro! This was first released as the third in our 2015 single hop series, following on from Vic Secret and Simcoe Rye Ale. This special batch was brewed due to popular demand, particularly from our Italian distributors. Short description: New World saison – white grape and gooseberry– Belgian yeast spicing Style: New World saison Malt: Irish pale ale malt, lager malt Hops: Nelson Sauvin Strength: 7.4% ABV Bitterness: 44 IBUs Tasting notes Colour/appearance: pale cloudy yellow. Aroma: characteristic Belgian yeast spice aroma on the nose. Flavour: dry lemon, crushed white grape and green gooseberry – if you know the distinct taste of NZ sauvignon blanc, you’ll find familiar flavours here. Aftertaste: mild spice and lemon with a lovely dryness to the finish. Food pairings: familiar with sauvignon blanc from New Zealand? Anything that you like pairing with that wine will happily go with this beer. Grilled salmon fillets or fried mackerel are an idea match, the lemon and gooseberry flavours in the beer cutting straight through the oils in the fish. If you can get your hands on some fried whitebait, this is the beer that you’ll want to have alongside. Great with goat’s cheese or have with a traditional

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