The Irish Craft Beer Show at Alltech 2017

Recovered from the 2017 Alltech International Craft Brews and Food Fair? Feel like a look back at the weekend? John Duffy, aka The Beer Nut, was around with a roving mic at the festival for the Irish Craft Beer Show and he came to talk to our Kiwi about our great age (we’re not even six!), taste our latest beer #TransPacificIPA and he asked the question that we all want to know the answer to: WHEN WILL THE NEW BREWERY BE BUILT? Still not quite sure why he was wearing a very fetching EDB transfer on his head… Best IPA for Howling Gale Irish Ale from Molloy’s Liquor Stores Silver medal for The Full Irish at 2017 Dublin Beer Cup

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Who has the best hops in the world? Part II – Team Aus/NZ & Cyclone IPA

With an Aussie, a Kiwi and three Irishmen in the brewery, there’s always a lot of – let’s call it – debate. It could be about sports, it could be about weather – or it could even be about hops. A “discussion” about the various merits of hops from the Northern Hemisphere as opposed to those from the Southern half of the world, led to the first ever Eight Degrees Brewing Hop Off. Team Ireland went for a selection of punchy American hops, including Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic; the Antipodeans decided on NZ Motueka hops – grown close to Scott’s hometown – and Pacifica, along with what Cam describes as “sexy Ella” from Australia. David Miller was, once again, pressed into service to shoot the video. This is brewing up a storm, Aus/Kiwi-style… You’ll find more about the details of the Irish team’s brew here: Who has the best hops in the world? Part I

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Who has the best hops in the world? Part I – Team Ireland & Hurricane IPA

Eight Degrees Brewing - Mike and John

Is it the Northern Hemisphere? Or does Down Under (including New Zealand, of course) have the hop edge? We’ve decided to figure it out for ourselves. Aussie Cam has banded together with Kiwi Scott – a rare turn of events, as I’m sure you’re aware – to go up against Mike, John and Paudy’s Team Ireland in the first Eight Degrees Brewing Hop Off. This week we brewed two versions of a hoppy IPA. You could call it a Howling Gale on steroids. Team Ireland brewed Hurricane IPA using only Northern Hemisphere hops, while Scott and Cam shifted the focus to hops from Australia and NZ in their Cyclone IPA. David Miller – because there’s no such thing as a visitor to the brewery that doesn’t get a job – shot this video of Team Ireland explaining the reasoning behind their Hurricane IPA.

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