Eight Degrees Brewing - The Full Irish - April 2014

100% single Irish malt.
100% made using our new grain silo and mill.
100% bare naked Irish malted barley, no specialty malt.
100% American aroma hops.
100% only on draught in Dublin, Cork and Galway.
100% Full Monty promotional pix.
100% Caroline’s idea for the photo shoot.

100% The Full Irish IPA (6% ABV)

Arriving on taps this weekend in…

Franciscan Well Easterfest


57 The Headline
Against the Grain
Bull and Castle
Farringtons Temple Bar
JW Sweetman
Porterhouse Temple Bar

  1. Is this going to be a permanent fixture from 8 degrees? It’s lovely!

  2. Looks like it, Mick!

  3. Glad to hear it!

  4. This is another superb beer..right up there with Amber-Ella! Thanks!

  5. Nice to hear that you’re enjoying it, Richard.

  6. I’ve just tried this beer! Absolutely stunning stuff, I really enjoyed its hoppy character! I came on this website to look for more infos about the hops, but I didn’t find anything: can I ask what hops you put in this beer?

  7. Only just discovered this beer. It’s great! And hilarious photo Cam!

  8. He’s a hard worker, that Aussie!

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