Well, a lot’s been happening.

We’ve sold Eight Degrees Brewing to Irish Distillers, Ireland’s leading supplier of spirits and wines and producer of the world’s most well-known and successful Irish whiskeys.

We’re excited about this deal, which will see us providing a long-term beer supply to support the continued growth of Jameson Caskmates while Irish Distillers will support our continued innovation and experimentation in the craft beer sector.

When we set up the brewery in 2010, it was with the idea of brewing naturally adventurous, great tasting beers that were more exciting and innovative than anything else in the market.

Becoming part of the Irish Distillers family means that we have the long-term capabilities to continue on this mission as well as being part of the very exciting Jameson Caskmates story.

We’re looking forward to working with Tommy and the team in Midleton while continuing to create new and exciting beers for our customers.

Together with all our employees, we will continue to work at Eight Degrees.

Scott and Cam

  1. Hey guys, can understand the business motivation but as 2 avid eight degrees drinkers,myself and my craft drinking buddy, half the attraction was knowing our money was going towards helping a small Irish business. You might argue that is still the case but it’s really disappointing to read the news personally. Really hope this isn’t the start of things to come. We’re not sure we’ll be as quick to pick up one of your beers in the off licence with other great independent brands like Kinnegar and Kinsale. Still good luck to you boys. I’m sure it was right for you and your families and that has to be your priority. All the best Andy and Kev

  2. Congrats all at 8 Degrees.
    Those Mauritian pipes will be busy.
    From all in the 2018 Exec MBA class in UCC.

  3. Many congratulations guys, looking forward to seeing what you have planned and the beers to follow

  4. Congratulations Cam and Scott, fully deserved after years of tasty beers.

  5. Many thanks, Andrew!

  6. Thanks for all your support, Andrew.

  7. Thanks Janice! Lots of exciting times (and beers!) ahead.

  8. We’re counting on it, Tom! Thanks to you all and best of luck in the future.

  9. Just hope you keep the brewing and jobs in Mitchelstown and not move to Midleton or you’ll lose a loyal fan of your fantastic lager, otherwise, well done and best of luck with the new venture.

  10. Thanks Sean. We’re firmly rooted here in Mitchelstown, as you may have spotted on our recent open days. All four vessel 60HL brewkit of us!

  11. well done lads i suppose its a testament to yourselves and the team at 8 degrees that a huge company like Irish Distillers has taken an interest , I hope ye have control over the craft beer end because for me 8 degrees makes some of the best beer in the world ,as previously stated ill still be buying your beer but ill be lookin to the smaller breweries 1st congrats and god bless

  12. Fair enough, Kieran. Thanks for your support.

  13. Fair enough, Kieran. Thanks for your support.

  14. Sorry, late to the party here. Congrats Cam and Scott, what a wonderful result after many hard years of raising what is expected of a brewer in Ireland. You both contributed in a massive way to rid our country of boring, flavourless beer, and awaken a consumer base that now appreciates a well made beer. As a fellow immigrant to this brilliant country, your IPA’s kept my interest and my palate busy instead of pining for the IPA’s of home. Congrats to you both and your team.

  15. Full disclosure first – I’m an ex-employee of IDL and my father still works there so a bit biased, but you will be in good company with Tommy and the guys in Midleton – they genuinely do care about the quality of their products and are huge admirers of yours. The Pernod Ricard business model is very flexible and they have a hands off attitude to their brands allowing them pretty much free reign to create so I am fully confident it will mean only more shelf space in more places and a greater range of beers!

    I remember my first 8 Degrees beer about 6-7 years ago, bought a 6 pack of Sunburnt Red and have never looked back, doubt there have been many weeks where there wasn’t at least 1 bottle chilling in the fridge. Current favourite is Big River and has been since its launch but always come back to the Sunburnt Red, a proper red ale.

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